Chinese Ambassador walks out of Green convention…

It seems John Gormley’s call for China to talk to the Dalai Lama didn’t go down well… he got up and walked out… There’s concern here now that this might obscure the policy detail of John Gormley’s speech…,

  • Harry Flashman

    Allende misled the electorate about just how Marxist he was yet he still managed to get only 36.2% of the vote, against 34.9% and 27.8% for his two opponents. That in itself belies any nonsense that he had a “mandate” to push through the radical policies aimed at turning Chile into a soviet client state.

    Under the Chilean constitution if a candidate did not win a majority of votes (and Allende fell way, way short of that) then it was up to Congress to decide. They ratified his election provided he sign a guarantee that he would not undermine the constitution, he did so but then set about undermining the constitution.

    He ruled by decree and interfered with the independence of the judiciary. He wrecked the economy (Marxist wrecks economy, what a surprise) with hyper-inflation, massive strikes and hopelessly incompetent nationalisation. He also suppressed free speech and attacked the freedoms of the universities.

    So did Allende abide by ‘constitutional politics”? Well no need to rely on H Flashman’s opinion, just ask the Chilean Supreme Court and the guardian of the constitution the Comptroller-General both of whom declared that Allende was in violation of the constitution. Not enough for you? Well what about both houses of the Chilean legislature which condemned Allende’s abuses of the constitution and abuses of human rights (Marxists abusing human rights, my oh my, another shocker)? The president of the Senate called upon the army to “re-establish the rule of law”. Allende’s much vaunted naivety in sticking to constutional methods seems rather at odds with the actual facts.

    Meanwhile Allende began arming private militias and attempting to provoke mutinies in the navy, Castro was sending in agents and the spectre of a full scale Marxist takeover of Chile followed by civil war seemed inevitable (no doubt you’d blame the victims of such a Marxist takeover for the violence inflicted on them). Chile was on the verge of a Marxist coup d’etat, the Army got in first.

    What the army did was brutal and ugly but it is simply the mirror image of what the Marxists would have done if they could have. Like I say Pinochet was no different from Castro, both siezed power from an illegitimate and unpopular ruler (contrary to your assertion most Chileans welcomed the army’s intervention) who was ruining the nation, both Castro and Pinochet murdered their political opponents and took complete power of the state.

    The difference is that Pinochet restored the economy of Chile and stepped down to peacefully allow the restoration of democracy. The Castrano clan still cling obdurately to power in their bankrupt police state.

  • Brian Boru

    Rory had he remained in Tibet in all probability the Chinese would have killed him. Indeed historians believe they had such a plan, to be implemented by inviting him to a place that would then be bombed, or so I heard some years ago.

  • Rory

    Not all historians believe that, had the Dalai Lama remained, “the Chinese would have killed him”, Brian Boru. This historian certainly doesn’t believe that, though what historians beliefs (or more accurately, in this case, crystal ball gazing) have to do with it beyond me.

    In any case – just for the record – this historian “believes” that far from killing him the Chinese would have installed His Serene Holiness in a glass box strewn with silken pillows and fed him on sugared butter balls.

    I suppose one us might be right.

  • Pidge

    Garibaldy, he was told the exact wording.

  • “The Chinese Foreign Ministry has said it hopes what it descibes as ‘the irresponsible speech of a handful of people’ does not represent the view of the Irish Government on Tibet.”

    Over to Bertie – or Brian …

  • BfB

    Good news for all you bigoted, anti-asian, neo-conservative, big business, in the back pocket of the ‘oil cartel’, effin polluters in general. Somehow, linking fortune cookies to energy credits is on the horizon….

  • President-elect says Taiwan-China meet started to ‘thaw the ice’.

  • BfB
  • Conor

    My initial thought was that John Gormley like so many others was an idiot with no idea about China, its history or its culture,

    That is definitly true although maybe he is actually quite smart as his remark meant that people failed to ask why he has done absolutely nothing in 10 months in power.

    While he is busy feeling chuffed with himself back in Ireland. Many irish business people and students are stranded in Hong Kong due to a new suspension on visas to the mainland.

    although I’m guessing gormley isn’t quite aware of that as he is too busy trying to keep his face in the media and reinvent himself as some kind of maverick

    At least if the EU carbo credits program ever gets serious we can replace our dependency on natural gas with the large quantities of pointless, self congratulatory hot air reverbating around the green party