So, is timing everything?

UTV don’t report when the new information was provided that has caused a relocation of the search for the remains of Charlie Armstrong – whom the Provisional IRA have always denied abducting, murdering and secretly burying. But they do note that the “development comes after republican sources told UTV they are hopeful there will be progress in most of the cases of the Disappeared.” So, is timing everything? From the UTV report

A detailed scientific investigation will be carried out on location over the next few weeks and specialist dogs will also be brought in before any decision is made to start digging. The new site is just yards from where the remains of 2 other Disappeared victims – John McClory and Brian McKinney- were found.

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  • dub

    as you are such a stickler,Pete, it’s “whom” when the word “who” is the object and not the subject of its clause…

  • Pete Baker


    And back to the topic.

  • RepublicanStones

    secretly burying……..if they did it they are hardly likely to use roselawn and a JCB are they?
    Lay off the adverbs.

  • Norton

    Surely Pete if we are talking about timing in relation to policing and justice, the DUP have placed more emphasis on the Army Council than on finding the disappeared. Mind you, I have always found the notion of disbanding the Army Council the biggest distraction. Seven men are members of a gang. They gather in a roomand say they have disbanded. The same seven men meet again in seven years time in the same room. Have they reconstituted? It is utter nonsense.

  • Pete Baker

    It’s a question, Norton, nothing more.

    But Ian Paisley Snr, in particular, has made the recovery of the remains of those abducted, etc, an issue.

    Whether, if the timing is significant, this move is aimed at the DUP or the wider public is also worth considering.

    And, without confirmation of when the information was passed on, who passed it on, and whether it’s significant, all those questions might be moot.

  • Norton

    Well, just to be clear, he makes it an issue when it suits him to make it an issue. Hence he met Columba McVeigh’s mother when he was trying to put pressure on republicans to do the deal.

  • Debbie

    ‘Whether, if the timing is significant, this move is aimed at the DUP or the wider public is also worth considering.’

    Maybe it isn’t aimed at anything pete, maybe its just the work of the families coming to fruition.

    Isn’t it a little cynical to look at this in a wider NI context – bottom line surely it has to be about the families? Hasn’t this work by families and loved ones been going on for some time.

  • Pete Baker


    He may well have done. But, as well as the question of whether he still considers it an issue, there remains the wider society. Unless you don’t think it’s an issue [for them].


    “Hasn’t this work by families and loved ones been going on for some time.”

    Indeed it has.

    Which is why I included the point – “if the timing is significant”.

    It may not be, btw. Apart from the interjection by the “republican sources”.

  • DK

    Truly this is macabre. Makes you ashamed to be a republican (a SF one anyway).

  • Steve

    Well pete atleast your little trap caught DK, so its not a complete failure