“how much time, if any..”

The trial was delayed last week when the judge recused himself, and all but one of the six men who were arrested at the Alexandra bar in March 2006, including Ihab Shoukri, have now pleaded guilty to charges ranging from UDA membership to supporting the organisation. The five who have pleaded guilty have been released on bail ahead of sentencing. But as the UTV report indicates, they’ve already served time on remand.

The 34-year-old will learn shortly how much time, if any, he will spend behind bars. [added emphasis]

Still, it kept them out of trouble out of the way..

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  • Ian

    He spent less than a year in remand, being released on bail in January 2007:


    So even bearing in mind 50% remission, he’d have to be sentenced to less than two years in order to escape a further sentence – surely given his previous convictions that’s unlikely?

    As an aside, I wonder if Nigel Dodds MP will have anything to say on the matter once all legal proceedings have ended:


  • Ian

    Perhaps he might like to congratulate the PSNI on a successful prosecution?

  • Ulsters my homeland

    “Still, it kept them out of trouble out of the way..”

    You’re right, it helped the mainstream UDA infiltrate NE Antrim without any majour resistance.

  • Ulsters my homeland

    EDIT – SE Antrim

  • ladysnowblood

    These UDA boys have seriously bad taste in music, maybe they wanted the trial to end early so it would’t be revealed that they all love Celine Dion and other sing along classics. Anyway, regardless of this when they all finally do come out of prison i’m sure the proceeds from theire life of crime will still be in there for them,with any luck they’ll head off to sunny pastures upon release

  • hudahudaningning, like.

    Unlikely or not, he will be living on a prayer none the less.

    I suspect these guys will keep the faith even if they were to get a longer stint, and besides everyone knows the NI judicial system is slippery when wet.

    *gets coat*