UTV’s Late and live launches…

Deep breath. UTV have a new discussion programme starting at 10.35pm, Late and Live. Subjects will include: crime; peacelines; and tourism all in the context of ten years after the Agreement. An invited audience will through in their own questions and add the chat. If you want to through in your own questions, you can {encode=”lateandlive@u.tv” title=”email them directly”}. TEXT: LATE then followed by your message to 80088. Panelists: Glenn Patterson; Geraldine McAteer; Cathy Martin; and yours truly.

  • Mark McGregor

    Good luck. Great to see you taking my advice so serious. ;0)

    Remember to breath out too.

  • Good luck Mick, I have a feeling you’ll be needing it. The studio and graphics are garish – and the programme has a terrible “right on” feel to it. Jeez!

  • Norton


  • Pete Baker

    Careful Mick.

    You only have time to make one point – which, if the presenter likes it, will be offered up to a very small [and selected?] audience.

    Then we’re whisked on to the next topic.

    Discussion by sound-bite.

  • Mark McGregor


    Unless Mick can pull out a bisexual hood love-child he is screwed.

    What a load of crap.

  • Pete Baker

    UTV’s response to The Nolan Show?

    Run, Mick, RUN!!

  • Mark McGregor

    She did just throw a child’s bra and Mick was the only one that didn’t try to catch it! A small victory for Slugger.

  • Bemused

    Yikes – what current affairs panel shows would look like if scripted, produced and directed by sixteen year olds. Truly abominable stuff – I wouldn’t rule out an evisceration by Liam Clarke in next Sunday’s Times. Really – between this crap, the BBC’s toxic Blueprint nonsense and Give my Head Peace – we really have suffered enough!

  • Mark McGregor

    There you go, we now all know Mick’s views on teenage girls and makeup. We might get to hear who his favourite girl band is next. Fantastic stuff.

  • My God – the male presenter has just urged the public to “Make love, not war”. This really is bad. I’m fascinated by it though, in the same way Victorians looked at 19th century freak shows with a mixture of curiosity and disdain.

  • RepublicanStones

    Tina Campbell is a little gem !

  • majordolittle

    Mick, Pathetic.
    Made me long for those golden days of late night BBC2 (and sat mornings) Brian Redhead introducing an OU intro to sociology prog.
    It was really, really bad. i’m sure Glenn Patterson was glad it ended.

    Even worse than any BBC yoof programme in recent years.

    The presenter (who was she again?)was sad.
    Come back Christine Bleakley, we forgive you.

    Not your finest hour Mick

    hope Newton doesn’t fall for such cheap drudgery and sticks with the Beeb

  • Charles in Texas

    Is the show over already?

  • Norton

    Does anyone know if this garbage is actually for some kind of editorial aim or is it merely fulfilling part of a UTV franchise commitment? You are a lucid, intelligent commentator Mick – keep it for Talkback, Sunday Sequence or even the next rung down like Let’s Talk and the Politics Show. This was horrendous.

  • Jargonista

    Mick, this was appalling. You were out of your depth, because this show was two feet of water and you are an intellectual swimmer. Wasn’t surprised to see Glenn Patterson doing this, he’ll do anything, but you should keep to the serious shows. This was UTV proving it’s sub-tabloid yet again.

  • allybalder

    Blueprint was TV at it’s best!
    If I’m watching UTV and the ads come on I switch over and don’t go back – till 2morrow – maybe!

  • USA

    Didn’t see the show (obviously), but the above comments explain why Mick insisted on incorrectly spelling the word “throw” in his introduction to this thread. Sounds like its back to school for everyone connected with the above programme.

  • Alan

    Ach, they’re trying something different. They just chose to try too many subjects.

    What’s more concerning is the number of people I knew on the panel and the audience, how old we’ve all got and how much people must spend on hair dye!

  • majordolittle

    No style, no coherence, no substantive debate, it was all over the place. Everyone looked embarrassed. What was Glenn Patterson wearing, his old school uniform?
    Some pastor of a “faith based youth initiative” thought drugs were a terrible thing altogether. The “jokey” belfast spide at the end….wtf!

  • Mick,

    My commiserations.

    I made the fatal mistake of going onto this abysmal programme last time round and I was amused to see that no lessons whatsoever have been learnt! Hurray.It was pure junk and evidence that UTV just cannot DO decent political/current affairs debate. Still, the sheer amateurish was kinda enthralling – like seeing a car crash it has the same appeal. I think the programme lacked the celebrity hairdresser pundit front that so made series one stand out!

  • Comrade Stalin

    UTV actually used to do decent current affairs debate, I remember Counterpoint in particular had some great investigations. And I think theirs was the first to have the DUP and SF in the same studio, around five years ago.

  • Mark Fartlighter

    I thought it was shit.

  • cut the bull

    I thought the show was shabbily put together in an attempt to portray a normalisation of attitudes and relationships here before it has actually happened to people on the ground.

    Too much of a false attempt at a feel good factor with out the realisation that the pantomime in Stormont is not reality in most communities, especially those who are part and parcel of the paecelines.

    I agreed with the calls for proper investment in communities, but I believe the question needs to be asked where did the millions go that have already been invested and what have we got to show for that investment.

    I thought it was a bit insensitive the wee smick hood character Jonty trying the door of a parked car, as one of the panelists had a brother murdered by young thugs while they attempted to steal his van.

  • Norton

    This exemplifies what would happen if you stop paying your forty pence a day for the licence fee. You can either pay more for the Belfast Telegraph – you get more value on one page of the tens of thousands on the BBC website than you do in that rag – or you can settle for pure drivel like this.
    The best thing that can happen when Havelock House reads these posts is to pull the plug on the whole ill-fated cesspool of a programme.
    I’d rather watch that phone-in thing when you have to guess that a woman has a balaclava and rawl plugs in her handbag to win the cash.

  • gram

    The usual crap local tv made by career TV employees without a inch of origionality.

    It made Trisha seem like the late review.

  • RepublicanStones

    on the upside Mick…….

  • Norton,

    Don’t agree that this proves the case for the BBC license tax! I refer you to “Let’s Talk” in the search for mediocre TV, care of Al-Beeb. Commercial TV can make some great TV programmes “Holmes and Hanratty” for instance over on Fox is great viewing, but locally here it is a desert. Wonder what the viewing figures are for this Live and Late fiasco?


    That’s unfair. To Trasha.

  • jone

    It had an average audience of 75,000 over the hour, easily the highest in that timeslot.

  • Eddie

    Tina is “wee gem” as somebody in previous contribution said, but is out of her depth here. The programme looked like an unsatisfactory pilot put out by mistake.

    And what about the three-week “The Troubles We’ve Seen” just finished? Anybody see that? Where is UTV heading?

  • RepublicanStones

    ‘It had an average audience of 75,000 over the hour, easily the highest in that timeslot’

    jone, everyone slows down to have an ‘aul gander at a car crash……

  • qubol

    no offence; but they must of been hard up for panelists if cathy martin gets a walk out

  • Jone,

    Can you share what the audience was in the sam timeslot prior to the launch of this series?

  • Norton

    jone – I refer you to Giles Coren’s review of Goodfellas where he says: – Ms Workman said it was inedible but, to be honest, as it sits before me, congealing quietly, I cannot leave it alone but return to it every few minutes with the grim fascination of a toddler mesmerised by a pile of its own faeces, nibbling at it, gurning with revulsion, then nibbling some more. If you’ve ever sniffed your finger after scratching your arse, and then done it again, then this dish may not be entirely wasted on you.

    David Vance – I’m quite content to pay 40p for all that the BBC gives me. Radio 4, BBC Four, Radio Ulster and the best website in the world would be worth the money alone. If the abolition of the licence fee means we’re left with UTV, Fox and A Tangled Web, then may God help our sceptred isle.

  • Norton,

    If you enjoy paying mandatory taxes, God may indeed be your last refuge.

    Oh, and to put it in context, with an income from the tax-payer of £20BILLION over six years, I;m guessing that the BBC can afford to make political masterworks such as Let’s Talk.

  • Eddie

    Mister Vance seems to be intent on diverting attention away from this pathetic UTV programme- by attacking the BBC. I am wondering if the BBC nucked his gutties at some stage in the past? And, no am not playing the man – just his method of argument.

  • Eddie,

    I guess I can’t stand up for falling down on this one, can I? Surely even you can understand my mirth at UTV’s alleged political coverage? I’m also just responding to another poster who raised the topic of the license fee! Slugger isn’t a beacon for the BBC you know. (or at least I hope)

  • Eddie

    David Vance
    By license fee you mean licence fee. Pay for the license, with an s and they licence you, with a c.

    Also: I apologise for not reading your earlier contribution. I realise that you have been attacking both UTV and the BBC.

    Re Tina: she is obviously being fast-tracked, but hasn’t acquired enough “bottom” yet, not enough experience of life, to be a convincing figure, presiding over the cut and thrust on what was essentially a current affairs programme. That will come after a few more knocks and time on the evening news etc. She has potential, and the ability to learn, unlike another name I could mention there.

  • Blooper


    I quite agree with you regarding the license fee. Why should I have to pay to hear your bile on H&M;every four weeks or so?

  • Blooper,

    Good comment – you’re a sharp one.


    Thanks for the clarification. It’s overall standard of political output that could be enhanced – from all stations. Maybe we can agree on that?

  • StarHound

    If only there were some sign, a warning that could have saved us that that precious hour:

    – The cheap graphics, garish purple and unsettling premise of the trailer.

    – Tina virtually giving us a wink, while doing her best ‘Sex in the City’ at the bar in Ten Square look in the trailer.

    – UTV’s rather confused description of the programme “New series offering a fresh perspective on life in Northern Ireland, featuring details of forthcoming events in the country” What ‘events in the country’? Will there be a special on jam making in Dungiven? Or maybe hoods organising bra fights via Bebo in Ballyclare?

    – The ‘throw it all at the wall and see what sticks’ onslaught of the first minute. How could there ever a coherent programme with all that to get through. Is it current affairs or is it UTV Life? Can there be anything in between or should there be?

    – ‘Experts’ like Glenn Patterson who will turn up at the opening of envelope in the incestuous quagmire of the Belfast PR “world”. Continue this theme with Cathy Martin, who works in PR and had done PR work for UTV in the past.

    Mick, I hope there was a nice buffet.

  • jude whyte

    oh god please preserve us from these ghastly people… please is there a god why have you forsaken us

  • Eddie

    David Vance – ah, if it’s “the overall standard of political output” on both stations that we’re talking about, that’s a different matter. I wouldn’t have classed last night’s effort on UTV as political output.

    Of course, it needs to be enhanced on both stations, as you suggest. But UTV’s enhancement would need to be of a major kind, compared with BBC which doesn’t do too badly, despite its shortcomings.

    UTV’s political correspondent just seems to recycle briefings from the centre in a breathless manner, God help him. He’ll get a job at Stormont on of these days. The BBC “drills down” – don’t you agree?

  • As I’ve said previously, it’s about time that the powers re broadcasting are devolved from London to the North where real effective local control would mean programmes which are as bad as this programme is reported to be could be sent back to the drawing board. If it can be done in Scotland, as is being proposed by First Minister Alex Salmond, I don’t see why the north should be left behind by other regions of the ‘Uk’.

  • jude whyte

    There must be a law somewhere to prevent this stuff being broadcast to Adults

  • Eddie,

    I do indeed agree. The BBC tries, and sometimes does succeed. UTV doesn’t really try and never succeeds. I just don’t understand WHY we can’t make good political programmes that challenge, that provide room for dissent, that are stimulating to viewers. Then again, if we did, maybe sites like Slugger and A Tangled Web wouldn’t be quite so intriguing!

  • Eddie

    Concubhar – Control of broadcasting devolved to Stormont? You got to be joking. How much freedom do you think local broadcasters would have – especially the BBC. RTE has spent many years trying to stop Government Ministers ringing the newsroom and leaning on people. Sinister. Too small a place here.

  • jone

    Previous audiences for this timeslot; last week: Tonight: Killer Lorries 61,000, the week before: The World is Not Enough 54,000. Not an exhaustive analysis but some evidence that if you put on something local, no matter how shit, it’ll get an audience for the first week at least.

    What happened to the previous presenter of this show – she seems to have sunk without trace?

  • jake

    by my count that was two sinn feiners on the panel – why so many, why any?

  • Jone,

    I think you are probably right! I too wondered what happened to the previous presenter?

  • Mick Fealty

    I very much appreciate the glowering honesty of the comments here, but I also cringe at some of the incivility.

    We’ve a YouTube snippet of the crime question which I’m about to blog on a separate thread concentrating on the serious point which Glenn raised (and which you lot seem to have missed in your eagerness to dish the dirt on just about everything else).

    I’m going to include a secondary on the peace wall issue too that I didn’t have time to raise on the programme (or rather just thought about it as we were leaving the building, half an hour later)…

  • gram

    I thought they’d canned the Mrs Merton show?

  • Norton

    David Vance – I am quite content to pay the mandatory 40p a day for the BBC, as otherwise I would be left with the odd commercial jem like this site but largely with journalistic detritus like A Tangled Web and the programme on UTV last night.
    Tax in one form or another is a fact of life. My point is that I think 40p is a rare example of a tax that is good value for money. Whereas your site is a waste of the good lump of coal which is burnt to create the electricity to power the laptop of whatever sorry sod that happens to chance across it.

  • nmc

    For once I’m inclined to throw my hat in with DV and say if they want money, get it themselves. I deeply resent the fact that I cannot own a TV without paying for the BBC, a channel which is rarely on in my home. Eastenders is the only BBC programme that gets watched and it’s dreadful.

  • Mick Fealty

    You don’t watch any BBC Current Affairs? That’s pretty hard core nmc.

  • Charles in Texas

    For once I’m inclined to throw my hat in with DV .

    Book-mark this for the Slugger museum!

    Since I didn’t see it, it may be easier for me to say hats off to Mick for giving it a go.

  • Norton,

    Plessed to say an awful lot lof “sorry souls” come across it and since you choose to make such a point that indicates that either you visit it too in order to make such a comment or else you speak from a position of glorious ignorance.

    It does amuse me when some suckers delight in paying mandatory taxation but then again there’s one born every moment.

  • Norton

    David Vance – I have visited it and it is the worst pile of ideologically bankrupt nonsense that the internet ever shat into existence. Ignorance of it would indeed have been glorious compared with the nauseous trauma it provoked.

  • Eddie

    Mick shouldn’t get miffed at the criticism of the show. It wasn’t him some of us were criticising – but the whole concept, execution, presentation, appearance and seeming lack of depth or something about the whole thing. Maybe it was the set – more appropriate for a daytime “chewing gum for the brain” type show with B-list celebrities etc.

  • Norton,

    Is that a “yes” or a “no” to ATW?

    Stick with the BBC, I think you are well-suited. ALTHOUGH, you may wish to visit another popular site called Biased BBC – it exposes BBC duplicity and has a very good editor, I hear…..

  • Gareth_


    Please, please, please, please ….write a very full account of you visit to the show. And please put the whole thing on you tube for us 😉

  • HenryB


    Just watched the youtube of the crime segment. A couple of comments:

    1. You told the story of your first experience of being mugged. You said “two black” guys did it. I’m not one for political correctness, but …. really. Would you have said “two tall guys”, “two white guys”, “two tanned guys”? Racial stereotyping is very subtle.

    2. You mentioned some sensible point being made by Glenn Patterson. I looked for it. Couldn’t find anything of any interest in what he said about the nature or scope of crime in NI.

    3. Cathy Martin says she feels safe in Belfast. So do I. I’ve lived in a few other cities on three different continents and this is the safest place I’ve lived in.

    4. That presenter: I don’t want to play the person rather than the ball, but I think the intelligence of the presenter shapes a programme of this kind more than anything else. Tina cannot chair discussions. She can read links from the autocue in a competent manner, but that’s it. That’s not meant to be harsh, it’s just an explanation which UTV should consider in their postmortem.

  • IJP


    1. You wouldn’t say “white” but you might say “blonde”. It’s a perfectly legitimate comment of fact.

    3. Belfast feels safe by British-Isles standards but, for safety, give me any German or Scandinavian city any day.

    4. I’ll grant you that one!

  • jaylon

    IJP, I’m not sure about that blonde comparison. Sounds like racial stereotyping to me.

  • Jo

    “the worst pile of ideologically bankrupt nonsense that the internet ever shat into existence. ”

    Quite – just sums up the site.

    The clock continues to tick.

  • Reader

    jaylon: IJP, I’m not sure about that blonde comparison. Sounds like racial stereotyping to me.
    Not unless he didn’t see them properly, and was just guessing. And was he sexual stereotyping by calling them ‘guys’ instead of ‘people’?