“They are working in their communities on the streets..”

The BBC’s chosen headline – IRA will not police areas: Adams – doesn’t seem to be an actual quote from the Sinn Féin leader who was, apparently, “speaking to party members ahead of a meeting with Security Minister Paul Goggins”. UTV, however, have some more detail

“The IRA made its position very clear when it instructed its volunteers to assist the development of purely political and democratic programmes through exclusively peaceful means and this is what activists who were in the IRA are now doing.

“They are active in Sinn Fein supporting and developing our strategies and actions. They are working in their communities on the streets, day in and day out, and they are dealing with the PSNI in an effort to make it politically non partisan, and accountable to the public whom it serves.”

Whether that “on the streets” activity includes the “volunteers patrolling” Belfast neighbourhoods previously noted isn’t clear.