RED C Poll gives FF a five point bounce…

Red C had a poll out yesterday (albeit on a half size sample) which will undoubtedly underwrite the political instincts of Bertie Ahern to cut whilst he’s ahead. It gives FF a five point rise from 35% to 40%. Fine Gael drops to 22% 28% from 30% (not so ouch!). Also 15% of previous Fine Gael voters would be more likely to vote Fianna Fáil, as would nearly 20% of independent voters. Pat Leahy on the others:

Support for the smaller parties is largely unchanged since last week, with the exception of a three-point drop for Sinn Fein. The Green Party gains a point to 9 per cent, its highest rating of late and almost twice what the party achieved in the general election. Labour remains at 11 per cent. The PDs are rooted at 1 per cent, well inside the polling margin of error.

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