Anti-social behaviour.. and the community..

The reports of weekend violence in Londonderry focus on “the internet” rather than the two groups involved attacking the police when they intervened, but it wasn’t the only incident at the weekend. Again in Londonderry, a fire crew were attacked yesterday when they arrived to put out a car fire in the Galliagh area at around 4pm. [re-edited – see comments] Adds additional BBC report.

Station Commander Terry Morrison said they withdrew after it was apparent the blaze did not pose any danger to property or life: “We will take the option to let the fire burn out if a crew is in danger from a hostile crowd and the fire is not going to endanger any other property or persons,” said Mr Morrison. He added: “In this incident it was a derelict car on fire and there was no property close by so it was safe to let it burn out. We must safeguard our crews and vehicles. We need assistance from the local community to help bring an end to this type of thing.”

Meanwhile on Saturday, in the Drumbeg area of Lurgan, a crowd attacked police as they arrested two men with imitation handguns and stolen goods following an armed robbery in the area. Whatever happend to those community-based restorative justice groups, indeed.

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  • Prince Eoghan


    Is it just restorative justice as a concept that you have a problem with?

    Seems that a like minded soul had his balls kicked by a good lady in his ain midden for approaching this violence in a similar manner;

  • Dec

    Funny that after the weekend-before-lasts violence in Belfast City centre – bars attacked, throats cut, no arrests etc, you chose to post threads about nature programmes and the Bill of Rights, on the following Monday.
    Of course today, you’ve been posting crime-related threads with a vengeance. That being so, I’d like to ask the following question: is violence only violence when it provides you with the pretext (however flimsy) to indulge in a bit of finger-pointing at:
    a) Sinn Fein
    b) CRJ
    c) both?

    btw Kudos on your mentions of ‘Londonderry’:a single paragraph ratio.

  • RepublicanStones

    Dec, everyone is well aware of the thread tactics of certain contributors. some are just a little more blatant than others.

  • Pete Baker


    As the post references attacks by various crowds on the police and firecrews and as CRJ groups were specifically tasked with dealing with low-level crime and anti-social behaviour it’s relavant to mention them.

    As for Dec and RS.

    The archives are open and there are, to date, 2665 posts by myself in there covering a wide variety of topics and incidents.

    Mind-reading isn’t recommended.

  • foreign correspondent

    Still, whatever about Mr. Baker having an agenda or otherwise, couldn´t he at least occasionally, a la BBC policy, use the version of the Maiden City´s name used by most people who:
    a) actually live there
    b) live on the island of Ireland

  • Pete Baker

    foreign correspondent

    Actually that’s a good example of how mind-reading doesn’t work.

    I’ll explain.

    Unless the official names change it’s Londonderry, City of Derry Airport and Derry City Council.

    It might not be the BBC’s policy, but it is mine.

  • StarHound

    “Unless the official names change it’s Londonderry, City of Derry Airport and Derry City Council.”

    You might want to credit the readership with some intelligence – there is no way that you can justify the third ‘Londonderry’ in that short paragraph. At best, it’s bad grammar.

  • Pete Baker


    Actually that’s a fair point. It was the cut and paste from the linked report which caught that third, unneccessary, reference.

    I’ll edit it, if no-one minds.

  • Jer

    Mark Durkan and David Simpson stand indited by this violence in their respective areas. Why dont they do something rather than just making statements. A standard has been set for MPs to follow and to be fair it must be applied to all without fear or favour.

  • StarHound

    It is rumored that Mark Durkan has been seen in Derry recently.

    Should anyone be fortunate enough to run in to him at some point, perhaps they could fill him in…

  • Jer

    Interesting thread on about FF/SDLP merger. When Mark is not busy solving all crime in his area as the local MP is required to do does he have a position on it.Would he be pleased running as a FF man? (a bit of topic but would be interested in someone’s thoughts on this)