For the archaeologists out there..

Viking HoardThey’re not likely to find a rare Viking-era hoard of silver coins of Arab origin, circa AD850, like these Swedish archaeologists. Nor any Viking-era hoards. And probably not coprolites.. [fixed lnk] But the archaeologists digging at Stonehenge are already excited. It is the first dig there for more than four decades, and they’ve only just got through the backfill of those previous digs. ANYhoo.. The dig is scheduled to continue until 11 April and there may be a Timewatch programme to follow in the autumn. The companion website has daily updates, messageboard, and video clips. Ignore the modern-day supernaturalists. And, yes, I know Newgrange is believed to be older. But it’s all relevant..

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  • Charles in Texas

    Oddly enough Pete, this is the second time today I’ve run across the word “coprolites”, which tells you what an exciting day I’ve been having.
    A story here entitled Fossalized Faeces tell of earliest Americans . Evidently, human DNA was forund within these samples which put humans in North America some 14,500 years ago.

  • Pete Baker


    If it’s any relief, that was the same story I intended to link to.

    I’ve fixed the link now.

  • Gregory

    The chipmunk part is true,

    The chipmunks left a photographic record before they were displaced by the injuns.

    The thing that done for them was not their lack of sophisicatoion, but their small size.

    it is difficult not to bbe shocked, I watched quite a few westerns, and if the movies are anything to go by, some red indians were capable of anything.

  • Gregory

    That is chipmunk related, a Hopi (canninbal) coprolite, when they ran out of chipmunks (who may have built large structures), they started eating each other because they were crazy or mesoamericans, or something.

  • USA

    And what exactly does Stonehenge have to do with the North?

  • Gregory

    It’s an idea for the maze. I think that a circle of round stones, can’t be bad to it.

    I thought the stones were bought from a lady in Ireland according to Geoffrey of Monmouth.


    And what exactly does Stonehenge have to do with the North?

    Let’s see, Massive Stone edifice for which people are still trying to work out its exact purpose, nope, you’re right, I see no relevance to Northern Ireland whatsoever.

    By the Way USA, since you brought it up, by your reasoning, what do YOU have to do with the North?