Slugger traffic update…

We haven’t had an update on figures for a while. Given the flow of international stories on Northern Ireland on the wires have dropped by about 80% since last May’s recourse to parliamentary democracy, things are holding up well. Though we are still well short of our two peaks last year: in March during the Assembly election; and November when we covered Margaret Ritchie’s controversial decision to cut funding for the CTI when we had over 61,000 unique visitors. So here’s some of the headlines (for March): unique visitors, 49061; visits, 153996 (3.13 visits/visitor); pages, 711106 (4.61 Pages/Visit); 3252230 (21.11 Hits/Visit); bandwidth, 71.60 GB (487.51 KB/Visit). And, crudely, here are the top twenty referring sites:
Top 20 referrers:

Three Thousand Versts
Fake Plastic News
Comment is Free
Mark Mardell
Ogra Shinn Fein
Crooked Timber
1169 and counting
Harry’s Place
Irish in Britain
Darren Prior
Guido Fawkes
Everything Ulster
Disillusioned Lefty
Irish Blog Awards
Andrew Muir
Mamam Poulet
Irish Election

  • Dewi

    Interesting Mick – but, for my feeble and overburdened mind, over what periods are these hits, vistors and visits of which you speak.
    Specifically what does “71.60 GB (487.51 KB/Visit)” mean? – and are the referrers in order?

  • Mick Fealty

    Month of March. Er, sorry. Should have mentioned that.

  • “487.51 KB/Visit”

    Is this the amount of ‘stuff’ I can expect to find in my temporary file storage each time I visit – if I were an average user?

  • Eddie

    For myself, and maybe for some other newer readers, Mick, would you have time to explain some of this in more detail. What is a unique visitor?pages. And what do some of these terms mean … 711106 (4.61 Pages/Visit); 3252230 (21.11 Hits/Visit); etc

  • Mick Fealty

    Try this definition Eddie/Nev…

  • Very impressive Mick, Can I ask, when you first started slugger did you ever dream you would get that much traffic?

    Well down

  • Hi Mick !

    Glad to be of service – you deserve it .
    ….but any chance you could fix the link to our blog ?



  • Mick Fealty

    Mick and Sharon,

    – Thanks. And no, I was chuffed when I learned on being able to read the logs that we were getting 90 visitors a day.

    – Fixed, I hope.

  • Gregory

    You are doing better than some of the us.military recuitment web-sites. There is probably a lot to be said for not sending ‘unique visitors’ to Iraq or Afghanistan.

  • Hi again , Mick !

    Thanks for the ‘fix’ (pun intended!) .
    Some of us are still on 90 a day and need the traffic 😉 !


  • Sorry Mick,
    That should have read well done, not well down. I was not making a snide comment, just following in the tradition of the Manchester Guardian. (well that’s my excuse and I am sticking to it;)