Slugger traffic update…

We haven’t had an update on figures for a while. Given the flow of international stories on Northern Ireland on the wires have dropped by about 80% since last May’s recourse to parliamentary democracy, things are holding up well. Though we are still well short of our two peaks last year: in March during the Assembly election; and November when we covered Margaret Ritchie’s controversial decision to cut funding for the CTI when we had over 61,000 unique visitors. So here’s some of the headlines (for March): unique visitors, 49061; visits, 153996 (3.13 visits/visitor); pages, 711106 (4.61 Pages/Visit); 3252230 (21.11 Hits/Visit); bandwidth, 71.60 GB (487.51 KB/Visit). And, crudely, here are the top twenty referring sites:
Top 20 referrers:

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