“What has been produced does not even come close to representing that..”

The Northern Ireland Bill of Rights Forum completed its weekend deliberations and delivered its final report [pdf file] today – there’s a correction to the report too [pdf file]. The BBC report points to both the DUP and the Catholic Church’s boycott of the launch of the report [pdf file] at the Hilton Hotel, linking that boycott to an issue which the Assembly has already debated.. but the UTV report indicates that the DUP’s criticism of the report is based on much wider grounds. Adds Full DUP statement here

DUP Forum delegate Peter Weir said: “We want to see a Bill of Rights which can command that support across the population of Northern Ireland. What has been produced does not even come close to representing that.”

He continued: “The main recommendations are contained in Chapter Four of the report. That chapter contains 41 substantive proposals. None of these proposals were passed unanimously and none of them have cross community support. “There are 216 secondary recommendations. None of them was passed unanimously and a mere seven have cross-community support,” he added.

Over to you, Monica..

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