Now You See It…Now You Don’t – Peter Robinson as Gaeilge!

MakeITsecure is a cross-border initative, sponsored by Department of Finance and Personnel in NI and and Department for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources in RoI, encouraging security when using the internet and when engaging in online activities.

As is standard, the two respective Ministers (Peter Robinson MP, MLA and Eamon Ryan TD) have penned an introduction to the accompanying literature expressing their support for this worthwhile initiative.

However, things get interesting when the English version of MakeITsecure literature is compared to the PDF download of the Irish version of MakeITsecure literature language translation. Our minister seems reticent to give a ‘fáilte mhór’ to the iniative in Irish.

Curiously enough, in the hardcopy version that was distributed with Lá Nua last week, the Minister is happily smiling on Page two and giving, what I think, is his first welcome to anything in Irish.

  • An Lochlannach

    Maith thú, a Pheadair Mhic Róibín. Shíl mé riamh gur duine dúr thú ach chím anois gur mheas mé fá do luach thú.

  • What is as significant, perhaps, about this is that it is a possible indicator that the illegitimate government ban on advertising as Gaeilge has been lifted…..

  • wooot

    That story was in the Irish News at least a month ago…

  • Old news, Daithi. I covered it in my blog on 10 March, and the Irish News picked it up a day or two later:

  • DK

    “That story was in the Irish News at least a month ago…”

    And the Newsletter

  • “That story was in the Irish News at least a month ago…”

    Actually, it was first reported in the Irish News on the 12th of March:

    And the Newsletter

    Was it? I don’t remember seeing it. What was their slant on it? (Like I really need to ask … 🙁 )

    The MakeITsafe campaign may have been launched in February, but the leaflet as gaeilge was not sent out until March.

  • PeaceandJustice

    Which cross-border body does this come under? Or is this in addition to the cross-border bodies?

  • Methody

    Let both Gaeilge and Uallans prosper.