Gerry Must Go

So sez Squinter, 20 years on, Gerry must face the truth:

“Adams has been the West Belfast MP for 20 years.
If a week is a long time in politics, then 20 years is the Upper Paleolithic Age. It is in that same 20-year period that the slow, steady decline into chaos in certain parts of West Belfast began, and it was on his watch that it has gathered pace to become the runaway train that it is today.
…there are many people and many agencies to blame for the state of the lower Falls … But while Adams can and does point the finger at some or even all of the above, Squinter has to say that he has never heard Adams accepting any responsibility for the fact that large parts of his constituency are no-go areas …
Who’s to blame for the failure to press home the Harry Holland momentum? Gerry Adams is to blame, that’s who.
Gerry Adams is the MP, has been for 20 years. He’s supposed to know how to marshal and direct; he’s supposed to give us the ideas and the leadership; he’s supposed to make things better. When he asks for and gets our votes he accepts a host of very onerous responsibilities, and the most basic of those responsibilities is to make his constituency a good place for decent people to live and for parents to bring up their families. In that he has failed terribly.”

Time to Go

“It wasn’t as if Adams didn’t have the clout and the contacts. A former aide of Tony Blair has been making frankly embarrassing revelations in a new book about how close Adams and Blair were. Adams was the Oprah Winfrey of Irish-America. And what did we get? InBev gone and Visteon going. A huge investment conference that holds its nose as it swishes past West Belfast ferrying ministers and Invest NI suits to Hillsborough and Cultra. Adams might have got away with pointing to the lack of investment in his constituency in 1983 and saying: “Nothing to do with me, mate.” 20 years on and you’d buy a house in Ross Street quicker than you’d buy that.

20 years. Two decades. Four parliamentary terms. Four US Presidents. Two Popes. 11 Secretaries of State. Five UN Secretary-Generals. Five Taoisigh. Five Prime Ministers. In Ross Street the wind of change blows in empty Budweiser boxes and despair; it blows out good people and hope.”

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  • picador

    Here is the result from the 2005 Westminster election:

    Gerry Adams (Sinn Fein) 24,348 (70.5%, +4.4%)
    Alex Attwood (SDLP) 5,033 (14.6%, -4.3%)
    Diane Dodds (DUP) 3,652 (10.6% +4.2%)
    Chris McGimpsey (UUP) 779 (2.3% -3.9%)
    John Lowry (WP) 432 (1.3% -0.5%)
    Lynda Gilby (Vote for Yourself Rainbow Dream Ticket) 154 (0.4% +0.2%)
    Liam Kennedy (Independent) 147 (0.4%)
    Valid Turnout 34,545 (64.2%)

    Reading the chatter on this site before the last Assembly election one would have thought that SF were on the cusp of a significant downturn but come polling day they romped home with 5 out of the 6 in the west. The RSF candidate picked up a mere 1.3% of the vote. So it seems that Gerry will be around for a while yet (and whether that’s a good thing or not I’ll leave it up to you to decide).

    Chatter on web-blogs is one thing, reality quite another.

  • Another Limavady Wan

    Ok, anonymous i got bored sometime around where the mopery started in your last post. And yes i actually think i can make those statements, because they aren’t exactly sweeping. A cursory glance of local papers will prove my point. And anonymous you very much DID assume my community background which would explain the rapid-fire nature of your post. My point was for people who spend a lot of time on the removal of statues in the council they spend very little time on on-the-ground issues. Civic leadership? I dont think so.

    I think what really may annoy you is that despite the dalek-like mantra that the shinners espouse from the chamber of working towards a better society, its starting to wear a little thin on the ground. “We’ll put manners on the police” the high command said. And shortly thereafter the same mantra was beign spouted on teh ground as they joined the DPP. And yet….and yet….

    None of the rest of the muppets in the chamber are much better but at least a couple of them take an interest in whats happening locally. I dont think there is that much difference between the disillusionment with Adams in WB and that here and increasingly in other parts of the west with the SHinners. For you to believe otherwise is an incredibly arrogant and out-of-touch view. And one that will cost those parties dear come election time.

    Ill let you have the last word. your defence of some of the councillors is such I wouldn’t be surprised if you were one.

  • Why would I be suffering from Mopery. I’ve already written that I’m from Dublin so the whole northern issue, them’uns & sectarianism is irrelevant. Mopery is such a lovelly turn of phrase … possibly a handle for one from Limavady who complains about being the most oppressed person in the town now that it’s not a Unionist- Old-Geezzer-run council anymore.

    “A cursory glance of the papers” doesn’t refute the listed evidence that I presented about Limavady being a dump in the past … ie not much of a change whether nationalist council or not.

    “And anonymous you very much DID assume my community background which would explain the rapid-fire nature of your post.”
    I did not because you gave firm indication in your original posting that you were a nationalist. I tend to read what’s written not what I want to see written. And anyway I don’t give a damn about anyones religion… I’m not from a backward sectarian part of the country… religion is irrelevant.

    “…your defence of some of the councillors is such I wouldn’t be surprised if you were one.” Read what I wrote. I didn’t defend anyone, I hate most politicos, I take a contrary position to you as you simply slag off Gerry & co BUT OFFER NOTHING BUT BORING MOPERY. Me a councilor for a small dumpy town in NI full of mopes?.?.?.…. I think not!!!!

  • Lucy

    Well written post, but………

    It really doesn’t do much good to rant against the politicians. They are more or less the same everywhere. I agree with most of what’s been said about Adams and his neglect of WB. So don’t reward him for doing nothing. Vote him out. All the gods know he has enough money squirreled away. He’ll be just fine.

    Had any of you here thought of the possibility of starting a volunteer movement like Habitats for Humanity?? Start a campaign for volunteers and material donations. Start with the worst house and go from there. I’ll bet you could find electricians, plumbers, carpenters…..all kinds of help to volunteer some of their time.

    I’m afaid waiting for a politician to come in and a pretty useless venture. Help one another. Yes, it would take you away from your usual activities for a few hours a week. Yes you wouldn’t be earning money for your efforts, but you would have proof that it takes people to make things change. It’s your homes, your people. Take back your streets. Neighborhoods over here in America have had great success with that. They buy those cheap walkie talkies and 1 or two people patrol their neighborhoods in cars.. If there is trouble, they call out for more people and notify the cops and stay until the cops arrive and haul the jerks away..Wouldn’t something like that work for you in WB?

    Start talking to people about helping yourselves. It couldn’t hurt to ask what people think. Don’t you think after all these years….if Adams hasn’t done his job, which you know he hasn’t…that he never will? Why are you waiting on him? Start bringing these things up everywhere in WB. There mst be groups that get together once in awhile. Ask to speak to them. Tell your thoughts on the Government and that it will take all the peole to make WB better.

    Do I sound naive? Maybe. But I have worked with groups in America and in neighborhoods and seen some pretty amazing results. I can’t speak for anyone in WB. Does anyone think that some of this might work???

  • AntiChrist

    It’s all a fiddle to get policing devolved.

    And I am not Gerry Adams.

    Good Friday? It’s good for me, all right.

  • Charles in Texas

    Lucy, You’re post is very idealistic and American, but I think it take idealistic Americans to make it work, as well as a police FORCE and not a service.

    Just 3 days ago a member of our neighborhood watch saw a house being burglered, and called the police. They were out in 5 minutes and caught the scum in the act. Hauled their arses off to jail, no ASBOs here.

    And one more thing before my Yank rant is over and someone mentions Bush, if Mr McGreevy’s killer was caught here, he would get the penality he deserved.

  • Gregory

    The only thing SF have done for me is to cut down ‘Downfine Forest’, well it was a tree in my garden. It was the first tree to get whacked on purpose by the republican movement.

    SF are a bit like the local capos in Serbia, they’re up for a ‘we’re all of the same block’ spontaneous chat in the street,

    but basically they’re a central committee of group-thinkers who are making things worse.

    I’ve no time for them, unless they do something for me. Mostly, I just want the sex offendrs out of the schools. That’s all I want this year from them. They also owe me a tree.

    Squinter is right, the crims, perverts, thugs, SF should try getting that lot to vote for them. They’re the ones getting the sweetheart deals. Not schoolkids or Harry Holland.

  • Gregory

    “Gerry Adams (Sinn Fein) 24,348 (70.5%, +4.4%) ”

    People have suffered since then, SF are messing up their potrfolios, much of West Belfsat looks as if it is a forgotten Soviet tractor town,

    I do think more and more of their seed vote is not interested. I’m sure the rich folks will vote correctly as we use to say.

    I’m funded by the yanks to keep telling Catronia her policy on sex offenders as teachers is a Blairite one, and Tony was a sick puppy.

  • Buggerhed

    I remember making similar points as the above. I was shouted down by Twinbrook, who seemed to believe SF have made an ‘undeniable’ (yet indescribable?) impact on West Belfast.

  • Granni Trixie

    If this Austin who is slagging off Slugger the same “Austin” who licked Trimbles arse when he was in the ascendency, then it clarifies the peculiar viewshe expresses on slugger.

  • Gregory

    I have to drag little kids up to Stormont to demonsrate against sex offenders in schools

    (who would have foreseen that 5 years ago?)

    Why? because a dumb shinner is too stupid, to accept that her pro-sex offender policy, and it is HER policy is a bad idea.

    The fact the original concept was via Ian Dunn to Tony Blair is irrelevant, it is Ruane who is forcing the rejects into schools.

    So it is little wonder other SF policies are a bit naff.

    I organized for Americans to travel from Philly, NYC, Pittsburgh, Seattle, Chicago to be at Holy Cross. I feel totally shafted by the eejits.

    SF are a disgrace. They are a danger to our children.


  • Gregory

    “Neighborhoods over here in America have had great success with that. They buy those cheap walkie talkies and 1 or two people patrol their neighborhoods in cars.. If there is trouble, they call out for more people and notify the cops and stay until the cops arrive and haul the jerks away..Wouldn’t something like that work for you in WB? ”

    Have you ever watched a Belfast riot on TV? Why should thugs care about two or three PSNI vehicles arriving?

    I don’t see your logic. I’ve had a dozen incidents when they lurked at the fringe or sent a helicopter as the PSNI circled.

    SF run Belfast like an orwellian group-think society, they’re grounded in that ersatz reality, Adams is a Blairite spoof-talker, that’s his model. It is depressing but true.

    I grew up in Ballymurphy in the 1970s as a young man, we’re from the same place, however Adams is part of that Jonathan Powell tableau, a person I’ve also dealings with.

    Adams is not the only person with links to the Blair Witch Project. The problem, the difference between Adams and me, for example, is that I’m not stupid, SF is that they don’t see anything outside their 2D specs,

    it is like talking to a Congolese militia person about carbon trading, SF people are not grounded in the global orthodox, they’re in a pseudo-green tainted political bubble.

    Blair knew they were provincials, and SF are still being manipulated by the Blairite legacy.

    For example Adams should have known he’d have to sort out issues pertaining to Iraq/Afghanistan, the Brits carbon traded polcing issues re: the FBI, a bit like the Belgians.

    So the FBI do press conferences for Operation Hamlet (or whatever) and are obliged to leave out the bits the American people may not like. I’m not letting DENI & Ruane do the same pedo-friendly crap to help CEOP.