“So he would be very well known..”

The 51-year-old man left critically ill after being attacked at his home yesterday evening was later named as a former Provisional IRA prisoner who, according to one report [not online], was convicted of a bomb attack on a bar. According to various reports, Frank McGreevey was assaulted at his home in Ross Street shortly after 1830 GMT on Saturday by at least two men. The Chairman of the Falls Road Residents’ Association, Robert McClenaghan, said “He is a former prisoner who served a life sentence. So he would be very well known.” The BBC report also notes Update It’s now a murder inquiry. And One man has been charged.

Police are treating the incident as attempted murder. A 20-year-old man is being questioned by police. Acting Detective Superintendent Jeff Smyth said they were following a definite line of inquiry.

“As such last evening in the middle of the night, members of the PSNI, under my direction, searched a number of houses in this community looking for a suspect,” he said. Detectives later said the 20-year-old man had handed himself in at Grosvenor Road police station.

And the RTÉ report has this

Local Sinn Fein Councillor, Tom Hartley, says residents of the area had phoned the police about some of the parties involved in the incident and they were unhappy about the slow response.

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  • come on

    This man murdered in a sectarian bombing. Would he be so lionised by the same sections here if a loyalist who had bombed a Catholic bar and died i similar circumstances?


    The blatant attempt by some elements to browbeat bloggers into submission is sickening.
    Keep blogging Pete, never has the phrase “fuck the begrudgers” seemed more appropriate.

  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done it

    come on,

    No, people in wars just as in footaball or rugby tend to support their own side – similarly the postings against him because of his background have come from the other side.

    If he had been a soldier fresh from the illegal war in Iraq who had been killed the British press would have made someone like him a hero.

  • picador

    Now that this unfortunate man is dead (and his organs are being used to help others still living) it would be appropriate if Slugger could show a little humility.

  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done it


    you may have a funny name but you are spot on. What’s with the all the capitals – you got some sort of complex?

  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done it


    a bit of humility?

    What are you suggesting?

  • “I really think that this thread should be closed following the sad news of Mr McGreevey’s death.”

    I agree with the above, a man has died tragically, two lives have been ruined and there is a grieving family out there. To continue with this thread would be ghoulish.

    My condolences to Mr McGreevey’s family, may they find some peace.


    Absolute nonsense. If we followed this logic, then we should stop all discussions on account of the three thousand plus who have died.
    This is a perfectly valid topic for public discussion.

    This habit of hagiography following the death of republicans is getting beyond a joke.

  • Moochin Photoman

    I have found this thread to be more than a little depressing with its whataboutery and pathetic attempts at point scoring (own goals more like) to prove a very tenuous political point.
    A man was brutally murdered (as we now know).
    May he rest in peace.

    Now as regards Mr McCreevey’s past, that information was in the public domain on a number of websites and as such i fail to see what all the pathetic yapping is about. The facts were presented…….simple as.

    There are very serious issues at play here. The safety of citizens not just on the streets but also in their own homes.
    The feral wee fecks that are roaming around not just in West Belfast but all over the city, are claiming the streets for themselves. The sad thing is that they are a product of our society. Pick the wrong time and place and anyone of us could end up with the same fate.
    Some of you should be ashamed by what has been written here.

    And yes this thread should be closed out of respect


    Your argument presumes any comment is disrespectful, which I don’t think is the case, and that we all have respect for everyone who passes away, which I know is not the case.

  • picador


    As many have already pointed out the nuance that Pete placed on the original blog comes across as a non-too-subtle invitation to draw the conclusion that the victim was in some way responsible for the attack upon him. ‘Read between the lines, this guy was no good’ if you will. Naturally some of the posters on this thread didn’t need to be asked twice to join in the tasteless vilification of the now dead victim. Poisonous attitudes die hard it seems.

    I’ll say it again – the conviction of a teenager in a Diplock Court on the basis of an uncorraborated confession extracted in Castlereagh ‘Holding Centre’ during the late 1970s counts for nothing in eyes of many, including myself.

    May Frank McGreevy rest in peace.

  • Comrade Stalin

    I’ve re-read Pete’s posting several times. Nope, I don’t see anything being inferred. I see him quoting someone pointing out that the murder victim was “well known”. I see no inference that the individual had it coming.

    Chuckie posters : if you don’t like it, please feel free to make your point, but would you do the rest of us a favour and STFU if you’ve got nothing more substantive to add other than whine about bias. If you want all your news sugar coated, please go to one of the innumerable moderated republican talk forums.

  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done it

    Comrade Stalin,

    as a chuckie light myself agree entirely.

  • picador


    The text is itself is fairly innocuous. It’s the title of the post that’s steeped in innuendo, in particular the ellipsis in place of Robert McClenaghan’s solitary full-stop. But then again, it’s difficult to see what you don’t want to.

    From Wikipedia:
    Ellipsis (plural ellipses; from Greek ἔλλειψις ‘omission’) in printing and writing refers to a mark or series of marks that usually indicate an intentional omission of a word or a phrase from the original text. An ellipsis can also be used to indicate a pause in speech, an unfinished thought or, at the end of a sentence, a trailing off into silence.

    I’m in no doubt that Pete used the ellipsis because he didn’t care to share his dark thought with us – because he knew it was wrong. Like the victim of this sorry case Pete Baker has a bit of previous form.

  • Pete Baker


    I had promised myself that I wouldn’t comment on this again – my previous contributions to the conversation having been completely ignored.

    I had thought of you as one of the more serious commenters here.

    But I’m somewhat disappointed, given that there’s nothing in the actual post you find fault with, that you think that “It’s the title of the post that’s steeped in innuendo”.

    “But then again, it’s difficult to see what you don’t want to.”

    Apparently it’s easy to see what you want to as well.

    “Like the victim of this sorry case Pete Baker has a bit of previous form.”

    And your examples would be?


    This thread reveals the depth of paranoia which a lot of republicans seem to suffer from, and their complete and total inability to comprehend or accept that not everyone shares their world view.
    Their gut instinct is to attack and try to intimidate others into conforming to their way of(non)thinking.

    In the past they used bullets and bombs, nowadays it’s just petty internet bullying, which while irritating, is manageable.

  • Dread Cthulhu

    The war ended, TAFKABO… the stakes are smaller, so of course the sniping and paranoia is uglier.

  • McGinster

    I thought the title of the thread was ill-conceived and hinted at bias. It was also very clear what the blogger was inferring. I’ve showed it to a few work collegues including Aussies, Canadians and English people and they came to the same conclusion as myself unprompted.

    But what else does anyone expect? Show me one person who was raised in the North that doesn’t have a hint of bias, even at a subconscience level (although in this case I have a feeling it was very conscience), and I’ll show you someone talking out of their arse. It’s only to be expected.

    I’m quite new to this site but think it would be pretty pointless to sterilise the topics. I’m not happy with how it was presented (or blindingly defended by the blogger and his sycophantic crew) but surely that’s going to be par for the course on a site such as this? Would be a shame for someone to be put off blogging due to bias when you consider the bias held by almost every poster.


    Aye sure, Canadians, English people and Aussies were all able to discern immediately from the title of this blog the same thing as all the rabid republicans.

    Don’t you just love anecdotal evidence?

    By the way, there’s a guy works down the chip shop swears he’s Elvis.

  • McGinster

    Not just the title but the opening blog as a whole. Didn’t offer it as evidence but just exactly as you say, anecdotal. What kind of evidence would be possible? It’s entirely subjective. You would need to take an independant survey of people’s perceptions, draw up pie charts etc. Don’t have the time to be honest. If you can’t see from the elipses alone that you’re being asked to read between the lines then fair enough.

    Always knew that’s where Elvis would end up…

  • gareth mccord

    ulsters my homeland you are a coward and a sick man since you agreed with the troll that my brother got what he deserved. it must be great to hide behind a screen with a alias. but sooner or later your mask will slip and i will be there to re-arrange it for you.
    For those people like mcreevey who have been involved in murder doesnt mean in years to come when they are murdered that it makes it right.
    Only the family of the bereaved have the right to execute the murderer if he or she is released or not caught no matter how many years has passed. I do not know the person who commited mcreevey murder but if he was not a victim of mcreeveys past then he should be locked up for LIFE not 10 or 15 years!!

  • Mick Fealty

    The tone of this thread gets close to hysterical at times.

    I’m particularly puzzled by the criticism from otherwise erudite folk like picador who (it would seem – I’m not convinced he actually meant it) believes that Pete’s cardinal crime resides in the use of ellipsis in the title because it’s intended to make people think! If there ‘dark thoughts’ are evoked, it would not be for the first time in NI’s exceedingly dark recent history. And, so far as I know, that history ain’t all Pete’s doing.

    I humbly suggest that if anyone thinks that ‘thinking’ beyond what is handed to them by politicians or by the msm is out of bounds then they ought to find somewhere else to push such narrow standards of prohibition.

    I certainly have no intention of sustaining the kind of personal digs emanating from the two ‘ulster’ clowns that Gareth has referred to above. But I’ve yet to see one calm point raised in Pete’s direction on this thread.

    As Moochin has said, there have been a lot of own goals on this thread. Particularly since none of the same critics have aimed the same bile at Squinter elsewhere on Slugger.

    Last word: Get a grip!

  • me again

    Only the family of the bereaved have the right to execute the murderer

    Posted by gareth mccord on Mar 20, 2008 @ 03:32 PM

    murder is murder..its all wrong!! no-one has the right to take another persons life.

    mr mcreevey

  • picador


    The text cannot be read in isolation from the title. They both form an integral part of your post.

    Your previous form is one of availing of any opportunity that arises to disparage the republican movement and those who belong to it. And on many, many occasions you have been absolutely right to do so. I just believe that on this occasion you are guilty of being ‘too clever by half’ and that this accounts for the reaction that you got. At the end of the day we should remember to put things in perspective – tapping out diverging opinions at a keyboard is a world away from bludgeoning each other to death on the streets.

    I might also add that I don’t like the fact that some chose to pursue the issue on other unrelated threads, thereby ruining the potential for an ionteresting discussion.

  • McGinster

    So the blogger denies he wasn’t inferring anything in either his use of elipses, choice of title or links readily provided. He wasn’t suggesting that the man’s history may have had something to do with the attack. Sure. Even if I believed that why then, when referring to the first poster’s tag ‘Why?’ (‘Why’ wishes the man a speedy recovery and comments on the scum roaming the streets)does he reply in the second post:


    Is always a good question to ask, especially in a situation where, as Robert McClenaghan said – “he would be very well known.”

    I don’t see an answer to that question in your comment. ”

    If that’s not asking someone to arrive at a certain conclusion I don’t know what is. Would have had a lot more respect if he held his hands up after the real story came out, instead of a litany of defence and denials from himself and his fan club.


    Suggesting the man’s history might have had something to do with the attack is not the same thing as offering justification for the attack.
    Once again it needs to me pointed out that Pete was quoting someone else who seemed to be making a connection between the man’s lack of anonymity and the attack, at least that’s my impression of the original quote in it’s entirety.

  • gareth mccord

    Me Again i agree murder is murder and is wrong but how would you get justice if the murderer of your loved one was a protected paid informer or didnt get life in prison or just got away with it??
    Why does the bible say an eye for an eye??
    Sometimes or most of the time the law fails the victims so the victims need to get justice.
    I hope the people of West Belfast will let the police do their job and beat these scum of our streets.