Soup and PUP to split?

It appears that Dawn Purvis the leader of the Progressive Unionist Party aka terrorist apologists has held a meeting with leaders of some of the alphabet soup. According to the Belfast Telegraph the latest in a series of meetings took place two Wednesdays ago. At it the “special relationship” between these two organisations was discussed. They may be going to have an amicable divorce? The report contains these gems:
“I see it just as people living in the past,” one insider said. ” The thing has moved on. It’s moving on even beyond us,” he said.
“When Davy (Ervine) was alive, he would bat all that off,” the source added.
“He was UVF and an ex-prisoner and he could talk to them in the same sort of language. If we had to depend on the UVF to elect the PUP, we would never have got anybody elected.”
It had been suggested at last Wednesday’s conference that the UVF and its ” volunteers” were a ” resource” that could be developed. But this was refuted.
At the end it mentions that the UVF might go away or as they put it “Leave the stage”. How many times have they promised that and indeed what were they doing on the stage in the first place. Oh yes defending the Protestant population. Defending it by murdering people in bars, betting shops etc. Defending it by peddling drugs, assaulting people, robbing the elderly. Yes as I have said before their uselessness is complete.
If the PUP is to split from them I suppose it is to be welcomed. A pity Purvis and her predecessor were unable to condemn or work against this band of murderous criminals; but that is just stating the obvious.