Robinson repeats his stall

In the Sunday Times (not online), Peter Robinson, the almost certain favourite to take over as DUP leader, has been outlining what he considers the future direction of the DUP. He repeats the commitment to a ‘corporate leadership’ as it would be impossible for one person to fulfil the same role as Paisley and emphasises again the key points from his Castlereagh speech in October 2007.

  • f_d, here’s a direct link to Dourman’s speech.

    “Our task must be to allow the private sector of our economy to grow and create wealth to allow the whole of our society to prosper.

    The system of Government in Northern Ireland also needs reform. We succeeded in making significant improvements through the negotiations leading to devolution but there is still more to do. While I understand that it may be necessary to build confidence in the process before more radical changes can be delivered I hope that change will not be too long delayed.”

    And it was that particular relationship with the private sector that precipitated the rapid fall of the house of Paisley. Does the house of Robinson have similar skeletons?

    And any changes will be in the gift of the Brothers Grim, acting in consort. Can Dourman do a deal with the representatives of the ‘legitimate government of Ireland’?