Did Hillary over state her role in the peace process?

Toby Harden flagged up what looks like it could shape up into a major faux pas by Hillary Clinton as she tries to claw herself back into the political game. The trouble for Mrs Clinton is that Harden now the Telegraph’s US correspondent spent a long time in Northern Ireland, and places the ‘town hall’ meeting with women from the Ormeau Road in the Lamp Lighter cafe on the Ormeau Road. And it’s been picked up by one of the big blogs of Democrat politics in the US, the Daily Kos It’s part of the former First Lady’s self proclaimed role as having “helped to bring peace” to Northern Ireland. Brian Feeney says she was ancillary, the ‘lead U.S. negotiator’ described her input as “helpful”. The PoliGazette notes, it is the exaggeration makes her vulnerable. If you have any recollections of Mrs Clinton’s input, let us have them (keep it legal).