“You just look at her and think ‘Ergh’.”

The publicity in the Irish Times [subs req] for her current book tour can’t help Barack Obama’s Irish-born foreign policy advisor, Samantha Power, now. As RTÉ reports, she’s been forced to resign from Obama’s campaign after these comments about Hillary Clinton – “She is a monster, too – that is off the record – she is stooping to anything.” Richard Delevan, formerly of this parish and now at Brassneck, had the early story, and the follow-up report. And the Professor notes some more foreign policy embarrassment for Obama, with a Power’s interview – on BBC’s HardTalk – to blame again. And he asks “Is it free-fall yet? Adds Henry Farrell at Crooked Timber notes an interesting earlier interview.From the earlier Irish Times feature [subs req]

Advising Obama, teaching at Harvard and promoting her new book, Power says she is “running on fumes”, but the pressure is likely to intensify in the months ahead if Obama wins his party’s nomination. Tipped as a possible national security adviser, Power is clearly underwhelmed at the prospect of a move to Washington, but she says that if the call comes, she will serve

“There are these moments, and that’s the chord Obama has struck in so many people who don’t even have the privilege of knowing him,” she says. “And to walk away from the challenge that I’ve been a part of proposing – are you ready for the fierce urgency of now? – and then for me to say, ‘I’ve got another book to write, I’ve got Red Sox tickets’, would be really pathetic, I think, and phoney. But I definitely don’t relish the thought of having to move from having a white belt in bureaucracy to a black belt.”

I think those Red Sox tickets will get used now.. Obama’s, maybe, too.