“You just look at her and think ‘Ergh’.”

The publicity in the Irish Times [subs req] for her current book tour can’t help Barack Obama’s Irish-born foreign policy advisor, Samantha Power, now. As RTÉ reports, she’s been forced to resign from Obama’s campaign after these comments about Hillary Clinton – “She is a monster, too – that is off the record – she is stooping to anything.” Richard Delevan, formerly of this parish and now at Brassneck, had the early story, and the follow-up report. And the Professor notes some more foreign policy embarrassment for Obama, with a Power’s interview – on BBC’s HardTalk – to blame again. And he asks “Is it free-fall yet? Adds Henry Farrell at Crooked Timber notes an interesting earlier interview.From the earlier Irish Times feature [subs req]

Advising Obama, teaching at Harvard and promoting her new book, Power says she is “running on fumes”, but the pressure is likely to intensify in the months ahead if Obama wins his party’s nomination. Tipped as a possible national security adviser, Power is clearly underwhelmed at the prospect of a move to Washington, but she says that if the call comes, she will serve

“There are these moments, and that’s the chord Obama has struck in so many people who don’t even have the privilege of knowing him,” she says. “And to walk away from the challenge that I’ve been a part of proposing – are you ready for the fierce urgency of now? – and then for me to say, ‘I’ve got another book to write, I’ve got Red Sox tickets’, would be really pathetic, I think, and phoney. But I definitely don’t relish the thought of having to move from having a white belt in bureaucracy to a black belt.”

I think those Red Sox tickets will get used now.. Obama’s, maybe, too.

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  • Except Obama being Chicago is more likely a Bears’ fan.

    I think there’s a rush to write off Obama now and that it’s premature and illfounded. It seems that some in the media – and some who should know better – will jump on the nearest passing bandwagon and keep on jumping…..

    My hunch is that Obama will win through and, in the end, it will be his youth that will beat McCain.

  • Pete Baker

    Whether Obama’s tickets are for the Red Sox, the White Sox, or the Cubs [it’s a baseball reference] would be irrelevant…

    Unlike what Power’s has said in those various interviews.

    But no-one’s rushing to write him off.

    It’s just an interesting and/or important story.

  • I do not feel any candidate for President for years has been given the free ride from the media that Obama’s had. A lot of people who should know better should have asked themselves just why he has got away with so much Blairite flim flam.

    He has prattled change this, and change that, but not once has he said just what he intends changing and what to. Health care is the best example of this, although we now know on Iraq he is no better, like Blair what he actually represents is more of the same with a media friendly face.

    When a man look, speaks and acts like a cartoon politician and empty vessel, a rational human being would take it that is exactly what he is, god the US middle classes are gullible these days.[I mean the middle classes and not the working class]

    At least with Mrs Clinton, as bad as she is you know what you are getting, and say what you like about Bill, the world was not that much worse after his eight years in office and today that is about all you can hope for from a US president.

  • Scooper

    Samantha Power was presenting a paper at Queen’s Belfast last night. She looked, as one might expect, somewhat drained.

  • scooper

    Power interviewed on the ‘quad’ at QUB last night:

  • Merrie

    I have listened to a couple of Barack’s speeches all the way through and I have to agree with Mick Hall. I have also watched him debating with Hillary and Barack is a poor debater. I am amazed by people fainting at his gatherings. It seems to me that a lot of his support comes from hysteria and (at best) wishful thinking.

    He is supposed to be running a campaign that is “above” politics and is not negative. but Samantha Power‘s unfortunate comment, and the boos and catcalling Hillary has received from Barack’s supporters have revealed his campaign has its elements of negativity.

    At the moment Barack has the majority of delegates (if you don’t include the superdelegates) but the situation is more complicated. He has won in caucus-based voting, in states with low population, and in states that would never elect a Democrat as they are so heavily Republican come presidential election time. And he has won the black vote because there are so many black Democrats. But blacks are only around 12% of the US population (there are more hispanics than blacks). There are also the two major Democrat states which have had their delegates banned from attending the convention because they decided to have their primaries earlier than the national Democrat party wanted. This last thing is truly petty and undemocratic and will be expensive to be put right, if they go ahead with new primaries. Of course, Barack would not be pleased if they simply decided to seat the delegates as they have been elected already because Hillary won both Florida and Michigan by substantial majorities. Hillary has also won the big democrat states.

    The national Democrat party has a real dilemma here and it is of its own undemocratic making.

    The US “Democrats” do not have a really democratic system. In Nevada, for instance, which Hillary won, Barack actually got more delegates! And caucus elections are really not democratic at all. All primaries should have the same method of voting as the actual Presidential election. The Democrat voting system is living up to its mascot, a donkey.

    This is a really interesting election though, not just watching the candidates but also watching the US media and blogs (and the UK’s). Fair weather changes, spite, selective reporting, ignorance and understanding. The media doesn’t really know or understand anything more than we do. Another false god toppled.

  • But no-one’s rushing to write him off.

    It’s just an interesting and/or important story

    I don’t know Pete – what does it mean when people are talking about Barack’s campaign going into ‘freefall’. He’s won 12 primaries and he’s lost three out of the last 15. I don’t think anyone can start mentioning the f word. It really is a case of people not being able to tell a sudden gust of wind from an unexpected direction for the wind of genuine change.

  • Merrie

    Concubhar: >>the wind of genuine change

    If you think this of Obama, then maybe you don’t know him well enough. For example see this article “The Audacity of Outrage” from The Wall Street Journal, 5 March:


  • BfB

    A shower of liberal, Democratic, socialist, a**holes.
    Pulitzer-prize winning author and Harvard professor, immediate disqualification as a rational adult. Imho.. No one has answered the elephant in the room asking, ‘Name one significant, political accomplishment of Mr. Obama.’ Or any accomplishment for that matter.’
    Then there’s this bit
    ‘Pressed in a CNN interview this week for specific examples of foreign policy experience that has prepared her for an international crisis, Clinton claimed that she “helped to bring peace” to Northern Ireland and negotiated with Macedonia to open up its border to refugees from Kosovo. She also cited “standing up” to the Chinese government on women’s rights and a one-day visit she made to Bosnia following the Dayton peace accords.’

  • Merrie

    At the very least Hillary’s foreign policy experience is much more than Barack’s

  • latcheeco

    Barack had a bad week that’s all, he’ll win Wy. and Miss. this week and draw for delegates in Penn. (btw he won Tx. on delegates) and Hilery cannot catch him without destroying the “Democratic” party. Her tactics are straight out of the republican playbook, she’d rather let Mc Cain win than Obama and has as much as said this. The majority of yanks probably agree with Power. Did anyone see The Scotsman journalist getting filleted for ethics on MSNBC’s “Tucker” it was a classic?

  • re: latcheeco’s mention of Tucker Carlson –

    “are you really that acquiescent in America”
    Was Peev so stupid as to get in someone’s face who spent so long on Crossfire?

  • Merrie

    >>btw he won Tx. on delegates

    Once again, the Democrat party system is not democratic. Hillary won the majority of votes, as she did in Nevada

  • latcheeco

    The electoral college system is flawed too, as are elections decided by the supreme court, not to mention presidential pardons for the wife’s relatives

  • Merrie

    Lateeco: what pardons? which relatives? Please give names and dates.


    I am very disappointed that the USA is really a “so-called democracy”, not a real one. One person, one vote does not exist there in the small print.

  • cucaberra

    The US does not purport to be a democracy or so-called democracy. It’s a republic.

  • BfB

    The USA is a constitution based federal republic. It has a strong democratic history, but it is not, purely, a democracy. The Federalist Papers and all that.

  • latcheeco

    Whereas Merrie you have a queen, so you can lecture everybody on democracy. Checkout Clinton’s pardons .

  • Merrie


    I don’t have a queen actually – I am an Irish citizen.

    I don’t need to check out Clinton’s pardons, but you do because your statements in post 14 are inaccurate.

  • Greenflag

    ‘The national Democrat party has a real dilemma here and it is of its own undemocratic making. ‘

    True .

    ‘He has won in caucus-based voting, in states with low population, and in states that would never elect a Democrat as they are so heavily Republican come presidential election time.’

    I’m sure this will be a consideration which should exercise the minds of the superdelegates . They need to look at every state which is presently ‘Republican and see whether an Obama or Clinton candidature has the best chance of winning the electoral college vote .

    I predicted a Clinton /McCain election a year or so ago . I might still collect .

  • latcheeco

    He pardonned the friends of her little bro at his request hence the pardon was for her relatives. Did you vote for the GFA? If so then you have a queen controlling at least part of your country and you voted for it.

  • latcheeco

    Greenflag, I hope you’re wrong It would be like turkeys voting for Christmas if Clinton is the nominee.I’m neuTral and I’ve lived in a bunch of red states and she is hated with a passion: she can’t win but Obama might be able to. Every republican wants her to win the primary, what does that say? If you liked the war in Iraq you’ll love the one in Iran when Mccain beats Hilery.

  • Robbie

    Spot on latcheeco

    There is much talk on here about the lack of political ‘achievement’ of Obama, ‘you know what you’re getting’, various other idiot speak. It has a latent racism (‘how could a black man be so successful and do something of value?’). According to polls both candidates would beat McCain, but every single republican analyst to a man goes to bed and dreams of the democrat candidate being Clinton. They have so much mud they can’t wait, mountians of it. And the Democrats are never going to beat McCain on ‘national security’ (i.e. invading other countries seemingly on a whim). Let them have it. See where it’s got Bush: death in the desert, on all sides.

    If the Democrats play it smart, i.e. Obama running with Edwards, they’d pick up enough southern states – the combination of african-american and white working class votes in places like S. Carolina – to take the White House. Else give it to all the same families and continue on in archane ignorance, to the Clinton supporters. I have little faith however, the Democrats rarely get it right, and in a knife fight come the democrat convention the Clintons will run around the floor and pull something out.

  • Merrie

    >>I’ve lived in a bunch of red states and she is hated with a passion

    Then how come Hillary has so many votes?

  • latcheeco

    You’re right she has lots of votes but these are primaries,and they’re only half the democrat party versus the other half (ok slightly more than half for her in most bigger states) plus independents and obviously republicans don’t like her. So she can’t win but she’s causing enough bitterness/sour grapes to hand it to McCain.Republicans will be lining round the block to vote against her once the real campaign starts.

  • Merrie

    latcheeco (and Pete Baker, taking into consideration the title of this thread – or was it referring to Samantha Power), maybe these articles will be of interest:



    One comment on the second article: “I’m not a big fan of Hillary (though she’s a decent senator), but the hatred some folks have of her has always amazed me. In many ways it seems weirdly pathological.“

  • latcheeco

    Cheers Merrie,
    Again you’re right, it’s almost pathological and it is mostly unfair, but it’s real and Dems have to factor it into the equation when choosing a runner.

  • Pete Baker


    “and Pete Baker, taking into consideration the title of this thread – or was it referring to Samantha Power”

    Not guilty on either count.

    It’s a quote from Samantha Power about Hillary Clinton – as detailed in the RTÉ link in the original post.