Dr. Paisley and hats

Clearly there has been a huge amount of discussion surrounding Dr. Paisley’s imminent departure from his post as First Minister. One vitally important matter which has not been adequately discussed here on slugger is Dr. Paisley’s hat. Dr. Paisley’s hat wearing is discussed in detail on The Politics Show website.

I have to admit that despite being a TUVist I am also a fan of his hats. We are not talking about woolly ones here but proper ones with brims and such like. Unfortunately hats are deeply uncool and although we are odd fundamentalists who are not supposed to worry about worldly things; Elenwe has banned my purchase of any hats. I had hoped Dr. Paisley’s hat wearing might rehabilitate them but no it is to no avail. Maybe Peter Robinson will start wearing one; or even Jim Allister himself. Maybe we on slugger could start cross community hat wearing and hence, be able to identify on another in the street. We could even agree to wear different hats dependent on our political views. After rehabilitating the hat my next project will be to rehabilitate the bow tie (another item banned by Elenwe and in its case by Mummy as well). Any supporters? I thought not; I will stick to my rather messy anorak.