“We are on course to reach this target by 2010/2011..”

The NIO minister with responsibility for policing, Paul Goggins, MP, has told Parliament that the proportion of Catholic officers in the full time PSNI has increased from 8.3% in 1998 to 23.71% in February 2008. And the statement goes on to say, on the 50:50 recruitment policy renewed in March 2007

“The St Andrews Agreement makes it clear that the temporary 50:50 recruitment arrangements to the PSNI will lapse when the Government’s target of 30% Catholic officers has been achieved. We are on course to reach this target by 2010/2011.”

From the Notes to editors

During the Lords consideration of the Renewal Order in March 2007 Lord Rooker undertook to return to the House on an annual basis and report on the progress towards achieving the target 30% Catholic composition.

In a post devolution scenario it is the Government’s view that responsibility for the 50:50 recruitment policy would not transfer to the NI Minister with responsibility for policing unless the Assembly’s vote requesting the devolution of policing specifically included a request for these temporary provisions.