P&J Powers = Queen Visit?

Bertie Ahern has linked the devolution of policing and justice powers to a visit by the Queen to the Republic. The RTE report states:

“Bertie Ahern says that if the issue of policing was completed in Northern Ireland, and it was scheduled to be in the short term, then he said the Government could put its mind to considering the issue seriously.”

A visit in 2008 was also ruled out. Why bother linking the two, it hardly has any leverage factor?

  • ulsterfan

    What is the connection of these two issues?
    Enough political bribery and corruption of democracy has taken place.
    Can Bertie not invite the Queen as an act of good neighbourliness and offer hospitality without conditions attached?

  • Twinbrook

    who really cares!

    if the British Queen wants to visit so be it.

  • Twinbrook


    when the German Pope visits Ireland next…

    should he be invited to Stormont, wined and dined and shown hospitality?

  • Dewi

    I understand Bertie’s frustration. The Unionists in power say no to everything and then get outflanked by a more Ultra group – astonishing politics.

  • ulsterfan

    Who is the more Ultra group.
    You are not talking in riddles are you?

  • Ahem

    You’d almost think with a loony, space-cadetish intervention like this, Bertie was under a vast amount of pressure over something and consequently totally losing the plot on everything else. But what? but what? Oh yeah. My money’s on, and my money’s never wrong: the most cunning of them all is out on his well dug-in arse before the year is over. The odds are still good: pile on, it’s free cash.

  • ulsterfan

    If the Pope was in NI he should of course be invited to Stormont to be wined and dined if that is what he wishes.

  • Blooper

    If Ahern seriously thinks this will cut any mustard he’s lost it! Sorry Bertie, no dice!

  • Dewi

    “Who is the more Ultra group ?” – TUV

  • Mike C

    “Who is the more Ultra group ?” – TUV

    Posted by Dewi on Mar 04, 2008 @ 04:47 PM

    And the prize for most deluded post goes to….

  • Dewi

    “And the prize for most deluded post goes to.”

    Go on then Mike C – what have the DUP exactly done to alienate voters? Have they moved an inch on ILA or P&J;- No, No, No – yet a significant proortion of the electorate perefer the TUV – which have yet to say in what circumstance if any they would share Goverment with democratically elected Nationalists – truly beggars belief.

  • Gréagóir O’ Frainclín

    I believe Queen Liz just can’t wait to visit the Irish Republic; likewisw, Papa Benny is relishing a visit to the ecclesiastical capital of Ireland too.

  • “democratically elected Nationalists”

    If only SF could act democratically, Dewi. Does Plaid Cymru have an Army Council or a mafia wing 😉

  • perci


  • Turgon

    Is this the same sort of nonsense which regarded giving Paisley a bowl fashioned from a tree at the Boyne as important? Or the idea of a heritage centre at the site being leverage?

    Much as I am dubious about why Paisley and the DUP went for the agreement; I do not thin he was swayed by a bowl and I do not think his now successors will be swayed by a royal visit to the RoI.

  • dewi

    Nefyn – no. Turgon – but you are all about symbolism and stuff – surely heritage centres at the Boyne site are important to you?

  • Kevster

    I could be mistaken, but someone asked what is the linkage between a royal visit to the RoI and devolved policing and justice powers. Here is my opinion, for what it is worth.

    When policing and justice are handled by Stormont ministers, it could then be submitted to the general public that Irishmen are in charge in Northern Ireland.

    Until that transfer happens, they are not.

  • joeCanuck

    Where are you Robert?

  • kel

    Bertie Ahern was pre-empted on Sunday. Dermot Ahern (no relation), the Irish Forein Minister was Crawley’s guest on Sunday Sequence and Minister Ahern said there was a “sequence” that should take place before the Queen visited the south. That sequence was devolution of policing and justice THEN a visit by HM The Queen. Am I the only one who noticed that?