“No amount of wishful thinking can deny this position.”

The Northern Ireland First Minister has responded to the Northern Ireland deputy First Minister’s speech, both speaking on behalf of their respective parties.

“The target date of May was set by the two governments alone,” [Ian Paisley Snr] added. “It is not a date that has been endorsed by the DUP. At no time did any Democratic Unionist indicate that May 2008 was a credible date for the transfer of policing and justice powers to Stormont. No amount of wishful thinking can deny this position.”

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  • joeCanuck

    More from that linked article:

    Mr Paisley said the continued existence of the IRA Army Council and ongoing attacks on Orange Order halls had convinced unionists the time was not right for devolution of the powers to the Executive.

    I think it is fair enough to lay his first point against SF, but hardly the second; unless that fiddler on the roof was acting corporately.

    It would mean that any idiot can hold the Assembly to ransom.

  • greeneggsandham

    Following on from the recent pole which said that the majority of people from ALL sides want this devolved. Who is he trying to keep happy.

    The IRA are no more…what is he waiting for?

  • Pete Baker
  • Steve

    gee a unionist going back on his word when have we ever seen this before……

  • greeneggsandham

    Cheers Pete,

    I stand corrected apparantly!
    Next question: Why are unionists reluctant to take this on? What is it that they fear?

  • The insipid Devenport ‘grilled’ Adams about the future of the PRM’s Army Council on today’s “Inside Politics” programme. “I’m not going to go there”, said Adams – so they didn’t!!

  • Reader

    Steve: gee a unionist going back on his word when have we ever seen this before….
    Eh? What DUPer or UUPer said there would be devolution of policing and justice by May? Name him, and quote him, if you can find one!

  • T.Ruth

    The devolution of Pand J will not happen until sufficient confidence exists within the Unionist community for that to happen. It was not part of the St.Andrew’s agreement from a DUP position. Lets think how that confidence could be built. IRA to disband Army Council. Attacks on Orange/Unionist Halls and Culture to end.Loyal orders given freedom to assemble,march and worship without hindrance. PSNI to be adequately resourced. Promised “Peace Dividend” to be delivered by Broon and co. to help economic regeneration. Mccartney murderers and Quinn murderers to be exposed and perhaps also the man who approved the assassination of a Christian lady earning four pounds an hour doing a census survey in Derry.( see Sunday World). Perhaps some comment from SF on the bombing of La Mon etc.Who authorised that? Most of all a recognition by Republicans, if only in the privacy of their own minds, that their armed struggle was in reality a sordid,fascist,sectarian attack on their neighbours who by and large were peace loving and law abiding.
    Pand J devolution requires Unionists to be confident about the peace process. That day is some way off yet. The ball is in the Republican court.They can help the peace process develop or pull stunts like trying to use a democratic assembly as the venue for glorifying terrorists.There is no place in our future for those who have no respect for Justice.I didnt even mention the Northern Bank robbery. I also think Orde would have to go as Unionists see him as a NI Office agent.Here to do their bidding like the Human Rights consortium and the Eames Bradley “treat terorists as victims” road show.