“Derry City Council recognises the need to facilitate former property owners..”

Having made the preparations to forcibly evict residents in the vested lands around City of Derry Airport, if necessary, we’ll have to wait to see whether Derry City Council actually use those powers. The deadline for residents to move out is Saturday 1st March but it’s worth highlighting, from the BBC report, that the Department of Environment has yet to decide on the Council’s application to approve interim rental payments – although there is no indication of when that application was made.

The DoE said Derry City Council asked them to approve compensation for interim rental payments. In a statement, the department said it was “approached by the council to discuss how best to submit a formal application for approval in respect of compensation for interim rental payments as part of a wider package of compensation for those affected. “The department is considering the council’s approach and will respond as soon as possible.”

And with reports that some residents have yet to receive any compensation, the Council’s reported statement may look less than convincing.

“Derry City Council recognises the need to facilitate former property owners during this difficult and distressing period and to ensure they achieve the maximum available compensation.”

It’s all part of the process of “moving the airport into a position where it will be fit to go commercial..”

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  • The__Raven

    What a debacle.

    Former Shackleton Barracks developed by private sector as a new, bigger, and workable airport, anyone?


  • elvis parker

    Improve rail link in general and dual carraige the road to large airport only 60 miles away might make more sense.
    There is simply not eh population to sustain an airport in the North West

    Remember City of Derry is about 15-20 minutes from Derry – Shackleton another 5-10 minutes further. Aldergrove is 1 and a half hours away on a poor road.
    If a dual carriageway was built – around places like Dungiven it would benefit everyone in Derry not just those interested in flying. The journey would only be about an hour.

  • Did you see the wee woman on Newsline likening Derr City Council to Cromwell earlier in the week? I had some sympathy until she tried to invoke 350 years of so called opression! Slap it up her for that MOPE. Only here would a 17th century religious war fought perfectly in tune with contemporary mores be held up as the paradigm of oppression.

  • Harry Flashman

    Elvis since the Toomebridge bypass it’s only about an hour to Aldergrove now.

  • Hairy Mary

    Next up is the dual-carraigeway from Dublin to Derry. A lot easier to get to matches aswell. Progress.

  • The__Raven


    I didn’t want to state the obvious. Naturally, 1.7m people should be able to manage with one major airport.

    Actually, (and I know I was being very oblique), I was highlighting the fact that DCC could never countenance seeing the airport in another borough. “It’s our wee airport.” I’m sure the ratepayers who are facing a rise of around 13% in the district rate in Derry are delighted.

    Rumours just this very week, however, that a major airline is talking to investors about Shackleton.

    Just by-the-by, the population in a thirty mile-ish radius is (by the way, this is very rough, taking in Boroughs only, before any factal haemorrhoids kick off)

    Derry – about 105,000
    Limavady – about 33,000
    Coleraine – about 52,000
    Donegal County – about 137,000
    Magherafelt – about 36,000
    Strabane – about 38,000

    You’re heading towards the 380,000 mark, obviously with the caveat of approximation. There are populations in much smaller parts of the world sustaining an airport.

    But hey…you’re probably from that school of thought that would have ten hospitals in Belfast and three “regional centres” ummmm pretty much anywhere else the culchies could use them.

  • Elvis Parker

    Harry – I suspect you are driving dangerously!

    Raven – Coleraine and Magherafelt are closer to Aldergrove. When Toome M2 is finished they will be able to get there were quickly.

    But you also miss the wider point that the population of Greater Belfast means Aldergrove will ALWAYS produce have a greater variety of timtables and destinations over Derry

    ‘Rumours just this very week, however, that a major airline is talking to investors about Shackleton.’
    There may well be rumours but they are not true