Blogger forces ‘tactical withdrawal’ on British Army?

Beano is annoyed with Matt Drudge for revealing the fact that Prince Harry is out in Afghanistan fighting in a front line situation, when a deal had already clearly been done with the BBC to keep it secret until he was safely shipped home. Drudge seems to have forced a tactical withdrawal on the British Army. The Telegraph calls this guy (a blogger, no less) the most powerful journalist in the world. Would he have done it if it had been a story concerning the US Military? Welcome to 24 hour, Sans Frontière news!

Update: Aaahhhh, it seems it was an Australian women’s magazine which broke the story on January 7th… H/T Nevin in the comments below…

  • darth rumsfeld

    No danger of Drudge doing it for a junior Bush- they’ll all be in the Texas National Guard litter patrol

  • cmg

    10 weeks is a good run and glad the lad is out now having done his duty. I’m sure he’d prefer to be outed by Matt Drudge than the Taleban but shouldn’t have been there in the first place, a really stupid risk by the government IMHO.

  • “a deal had already clearly been done with the BBC to keep it secret”

    Mick, I thought the deal was done with the UK media, not just the BBC.

  • BfB

    Drudge, and the rest of the MSM (spit) over here, delight in putting soldiers at risk in the middle east, or anywhere. Things are going much better over in Iraq, so there is no ant- American stories, or deaths and bombing to report. They would love for Harry to get blown to bits, trust me.

  • Prince Eoghan


    The BBC and other media outlets conniving in the British war effort. Now that their neutrality has been compromised I wouldn’t like to be one of those intrepid reporters doing a story on ‘both sides’

    I wonder how those who are against the war view their taxes being spent in this way.

  • “I wonder how those who are against the war view their taxes being spent in this way.”

    They weren’t paid off, so taxes were hardly being spent on it. The media were given access in exchange for not reporting Harry’s whereabouts until he was home. It’s hardly a massive cover-up.

    Harry couldn’t win. If he didn’t go there would be those (my girlfriend included) who felt that he was only talking the talk when he said he wanted to fight – that he said it safe in the knowledge he’d never be sent out. Had he gone, he’d stand accused of needlessly endangering his comrades.

    This deal allowed him to serve like any other soldier without putting a bullseye on his entire unit. These arseholes that would sooner make a quick buck than respect that are beneath contempt. The fact that Drudge claimed this as an exclusive after removing credits they’d previously given to smaller publications shows the sort of ‘journalistic integrity’ in action at that site.

  • “The BBC and other media outlets conniving in the British war effort.”

    That reads like a line from Ireland’s greatest ever front line war reporter, Jude Collins 😉

  • Prince Eoghan

    Granted Nevin it seems a little far out. However that is the way it WILL be taken in some quarters. I’ve recently enjoyed Grant Mitchell shitting himself in Afghanistan. It made great telly, gave me great empathy for the British(and other) soldiers out there. I’ll look forward to the BBC docu, but will not hold my breath that Harry will actually come under fire. It will have been madness to put him in a hotspot. All of these deaths of british soldiers claim a column, a Prince injured or dead would as we know still be having enquiries 20 years later.


    Our taxes are being used in making the docu on his journey, that is the pay off in a way. Regardless they are conniving in the ‘big secret’

  • Prince Eoghan

    >>a Prince injured or dead<

  • New Idea had no idea of international embargo when it published its story on January 7.

  • Eoghan it seems he was fairly close to the action alongside Gurka troops.

    PS I heard Collins make his comments on this mornings Nolan Show.

  • Prince Eoghan

    I know Nevin, I saw the TV report yesterday. i can guess why they haven’t put him in with your average squaddie. I wonder if as we speak, some sun reporter is desperately learning Nepalese.

    I don’t know who Collins is, I just assumed you were rightly pointing out how my comments could be perceived.

  • Prince Eoghan

    During the long TV report on the news they had him walking through a deserted village looking embarrassed, and firing a machine gun from the fort. Now as a forward air controller I would question whether he would be out on foot patrol, and no officer in my experience fires an MG, unless there happens to be a BBC camera crew looking for manly pictures. Also I believe that these MG’s are test fired every morning. Again why is a fighting officer doing air support anyway, is this not usually tasked to an RAF man, or some other non front-line personnel.

  • Glenn

    He was retrained in air support after he was denied permission to got to Iraq last as commander of 6 Scimitar recon vehicles.

  • steve


    I disagree the best thing that could have happened to the royal family was if he died fighting for grandma and country. It would have elevated the entire royal family back to hero status as they sacrificed one of their own when clearly they didnt have to and atleast till his death they would have done it quietly with dignity and class

    its too bad that operation yellow elephant doesnt do this in the states

  • Gréagóir O’ Frainclín

    Saw the wall to wall report on SKY news last night of the chummy prince in Afghanistan. Definitely a well deserved MBE from his granny for chivalry!

    I wonder did he kill anyone whilst on active duty.

    Wars, Religion, Governments, etc….There’s some truth in this movie ….Be patient, watch it all and think about it.

  • 0b101010

    Conspired media blackouts are the grease on a slippery slope, however the media should operate on having a bit of common sense. Drudge has been struggling to remain relevant for a while now; reporting this was just a cheap attention grab. The only story is the story itself. A pox on all their houses.

    At least the military/government were PR savvy enough to send Harry to Afghanistan instead of Iraq.

  • Prince Eoghan

    Gréagóir O’ Frainclín

    Extraordinary is a much over used word but, this was. I skipped most of the first part, but was transfixed by the rest. It tidied up some of my own thoughts, especially over the blatantly amateurish use of fear that the governments have been using.

    A must see, of course the drones will dismiss it.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    The D-Notice was issued some time ago (there’s been another one since, on the identities of the spooks giving evidence at the Diana inquest), but presumbly wasn’t issued to foreign media. I read it at the time, and I think it was followed up with an agreement between the military and editors not to report on Harry until his return.

    There would be no reason to expect foreign media to agree to not report on Harry, particularly if they were not going to benefit from the prepared coverage once he came home.

    However, I don’t think the British media disgraced themselves by obeying this particular D-Notice; they would have the opportunity to report the story after the event, so it could be seen in the same way as an embargo. Embargoes are usually respected, unless there’s a good reason to breach them, and in this case I don’t believe there was.

  • Rory

    It is ridiculous to expect that a D-notice might have some weight without the British remit (and pretty sad that it might have some within). But the idea that an embargo might be assumed to have any value over such a period of time as the reported length of Harry’s time in Afghanistan is even more so. That it might have any weight outside the compliant London press is a story all to itself. But not one that is credible.

    No doubt in years to come this little brouhaha will feature as a mere footnote on the desperate attempt of the British branch of crude capitalist imperialism to cover the increasing failure of it’s ventures in areas best left to their own development.

  • Pancho’s Horse

    I wonder did he get to lead any of the locals around by their genitals?

  • ffs!

    If having a british royal in the british army causes so many complications then wouldn’t it be sensible to no let him join in the frst place?
    Instead he’s allowed in and the rest of the world is expected to stand on its head to facilitate his rather stupid longing fight in someone else’s country. How British!
    And the relevance to Norn Iron?

  • 0b101010

    And the relevance to Norn Iron?

    He’s third in line to be the sovereign of Northern Ireland.

  • lib2016

    Not wanted here and not wanted there – what a hell of a life having to pretend to be a ‘leader of men’. No-one wants to be unkind but can they really not find something useful for that poor family to do?

  • Prince Eoghan


    You absolute bunch of bitches!

    Can’t help but humming that song……………..Oh, oh, oh what a lovely war………….

    The more I see of it, the more I believe the stage management to have been done in minute detail. Even providing a ruffian from the 6 counties as a bodyguard. Wonder if they will keep in touch?