Government papers found in outbuildings in Tyrone

Very little detail on this one yet, but it looks like it could be one to watch for further developments. Some more detail here Update Further details in this post.

Bundles of government documents, some described as sensitive, have been found in outbuildings near Ballygawley in County Tyrone, police have said… The owner of the premises has not been arrested and the search was carried out with their consent, a police spokesman said.

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  • IRIA

    “It is also understood there is nothing to suggest at this stage that the documents were stolen, but could have proved deeply embarrassing had they fallen into the wrong hands.”

    …well, WHO’S hands were they in?


    Mmmmmm…….after the Castlereagh break in, Stormontgate, Northern Bank, Stakeknife, Haddock & Mount Vernon etc. etc. who knows what to believe any more? This sounds a bit iffy, is it designed to take the heat and pressure off Paisley & the DUP and another handful of nonsense going into the pot?

  • joeCanuck

    It’s an earlier version of losing computer disks.
    No harm done, we’ll be told.

  • cut the bull

    No chance of an interview with the Sec of State he may calim that he’ll not attempt to duck the issue and will not be cowering when being sheepish and failing to answer questions.

    The documents may have got misplaced because somebody was acting a goat and thats no bull but somebody needs a kick up the ass. After all how did those sensitive legal documents find their way into a farm out building

  • 0b101010

    I agree with LURIG. with a vivid memory of these things either set up by intelligence agents themselves or just fabricated misdirection that’s swept away ‘in the public interest’, I have a hard time believing anything is exactly as painted any more. Let’s see if it’s just plain incompetence, or if everyone is ready to cry wolf one more time.

    What are the documents? Who has them? How did they get there? How were they found? Who is going to get fired and/or charged? (Someone has to be seriously in the wrong… right?)

  • Ian

    Maybe this is part of the NIO’s campaign to decrease public confidence in the justice system NOT being a devolved matter…

  • Author

    And a picture appears in the papers of a watchtower that was demolished a while ago which we were told was of a miltant grouping that MI5 were going to protect us from.