Is the left the right path for unity in Cyprus?

Last weekend incumbent centrist Cypriot President Tassos Papadopoulo was defeated in the first round of the Presidential elections.

This leaves the race between left candidate Demetris Christofias of AKEL (Progressive Party of Working People) and right-winger Ioannis Casoulides of Democratic Rally.

With AKEL, a former coalition partner that helped elect Papadopoulo, receiving endorsement from his DIKO party they seem well placed to take the Presidency.

We’ll just have to wait and see if a traditional strong left voice gets the chance to bring about unity in Cyprus despite the Church of Cyprus endorsing the right-wing candidate.

  • CS Parnell

    AKEL are, of course, the Communists and have a long and venerable tradition of seeking to promote unity on the island – resisting the hard right EOKA in the 50s etc.

    There are obvious parallels with the sticks and the provies. Though the difference here is that the equivalent of the provies have yet to adopt the stick poistion and instead the Continuity Sticks are aiming for the Park.

    That’s enough trite comparisons. Ed.

  • Still no post on Kosovo?

  • Mark McGregor


    I don’t feel competent enough on the issues to put something together.

    Especially after I read Splintered Sunrise and Nicholas Whyte and ended up feeling more confused on the legalities/legitimacy of the mechanisms being used.

    If you are on top of the topic why not put something together and email it to Mick?

  • The Splintered Sunrise piece is rather good. To be honest I have expended enought time and energy with posts about Kosovo, but I’ve been surprised to see UDI going unmentioned here.

  • CW

    “If you are on top of the topic why not put something together and email it to Mick?”

    Not such a good idea, as any time I e-mail a suggestion to Mick he ignores it. I wouldn’t waste my time.