“the classical testing of an anti-satellite weapon..”

With the Atlantis orbiter safely back on the ground the skies are clear for the US Navy to take a shot at that satellite. The Guardian report thinks that may happen tonight, and this BBC report notes that Russia defence ministry think that “speculations about the danger of the satellite hide preparations for the classical testing of an anti-satellite weapon”. The Belfast Telegraph keeps emphasising that the “toxic satellite [is] over Ireland” and has a somewhat breathless Associated Press video report which I’ve added below the fold. Whilst technically accurate, in that the satellite is visible from Ireland, the orbit carries it over a number of other areas. Details of that orbit, and when the satellite will be visible [from Belfast], at Heavens Above. It will be briefly visible twice tonight first at approx 6.40pm and, if it’s still there, it will be visible again tomorrow at approx 6.30pm.Via the Belfast Telegraph report

And here’s the orbital path via Heavens Above. Remember that the Earth will be rotating under that orbit as well.

USA 193 orbit