When he said something he didn’t say but they say it’s the same

Nick Robinson highlights a little alteration made in the HoC Hansard to an answer from the Chancellor. Worth noting, as I’ve spotted similar occurrences in the Assembly, and I’m sure it’ll come up in the future.

  • When I commented on an apparent slip-up by Bertie Ahern last week, I noticed something similar in the Dail record. It was brought to my attention through pointed out in Mulley’s comments where a rather more obvious instance was highlighted, but even on my own musings I quote directly from the video, before quoting a section of the transcript.

    “We’ll talk about Cavan another day, we’re talking about the Republic of Ireland if you could keep it to that.”
    “While the House can discuss County Cavan another day, I am discussing the Republic of Ireland and Members should keep to that.”

    The transcript that’s taken from describes itself as “unrevised”! In this instance none of the meaning was really lost but it did make me wonder what else gets edited.

    From Mulley’s site:
    “And there’s none of them either even thinking of pulling away from us about broadband, they see, not alone are they using this country to develop their own capacity within Ireland…”

    Which turned into:

    “Moreover, none is even thinking of pulling away from us because of broadband. They continue to develop their capacity within Ireland”

    If nothing else, it’s serving to hide the fact that some politicians seem incapable of stringing a sentence together. Perhaps that fact should not be hidden from the voting public.

  • suchard

    Of course it does Papa Doc checks them over with his fascist partner Le Charcuterie; and has them changed to suit their message. This came into the public demesne. One N.I. Hansard editor/publisher once told me that some years ago that the “I am not The Rev. Dr.Priest and father of my flock – its only another moneymaking scam silly boy Papa Doc’s” accent was so strong. That the poor parliamentary Hansard writer wrote down “circular cows” recording that days proceedings; there was great consternation as to whether these cows were Holy ones escaped from The Vatican Big Cheese Dairy or the misguided females in his own flock or herd. However the government vet said “Gods chosen one” meant suckler cows.The sermons and speeches must be full of all these vernacular revelations. Grant you Michael he could well have breathed that blasphemous word SECULAR – GOD FORBID . That would bring about his automatic and immediate defrocking and life bans from all the mumbo jumbo bitter lemon societies.Luckily if all these members of his own Klu Klux clan dont burn him alive at one of their weekly meetings of their Hell Fire clubs. It now looks however that the electorate happily will.