Too much power in the centre does not work?

There’s some speculation flying about that Arlene Foster is about to announce long awaited plans for the re-organisation of local government. The Fermanagh Herald reports that Ministers are due to make their decisions this week, so that we may get to hear the final outcome next. Sinn Fein previously backed plans to shave the number of councils from a commodious 26, down to 7. The other issue of course is what increased powers will they have. Alderman Arnold Hatch, current President of NILGA told the Newsletter:

“I will be writing urgently to the Stormont Executive in one last ditch attempt to urge them to devolve control of the local roads budget, youth services, libraries and some housing functions to the new councils as a starting position in strengthening local government. It is well proven that holding too much power in the centre does not work”.