Irish Blog Awards…

The Good News: Slugger makes the shortlist in two categories. The best overall blog and best political blog. Fingers crossed. Glad to see the Arseblog make it this time. Have no time for Arsenal (other than capitalising on the generous opportunity put before them by Manchester City yesterday. And if Chris doesn’t make best blog post for his keen analysis on SF’s performance in the May elections, there is no justice. I’m going to try to make it to Dublin for the 1st March. Should be a blast!

  • ulsterfan

    Well done.
    Is the prize money any good or do you give it all to charity?(Fealty Foundation)

  • Congratulations to Mick and the Team – hope ye walk away with both Awards !
    Just WATCH OUT on your (drunken!) way home – Dublin on a Saturday night can sometimes be pretty dangerous ,scorned female-blogger wise , that is…
    ..and you wouldn’t miss ONE of your Awards all THAT much , would you ?
    Well Done!


  • Thanks Mick

    Best of luck to you and the entire Slugger team, not in the Political Blog category though ;).

  • Greenflag

    Congrats – well done and well deserved one and all 🙂

  • Justin

    Good stuff Mick! Congrats to both you and Chris on the inclusion. Both are well deserved. Continue on with the great product.

  • getthefacts

    Congratulations Mick – I have registered and hope to see you there.

    What is the event like? $10 is unlikley to purchase more that a diet coke and a digestive biscuit in Dublin!

  • Not doing too badly ourselves over on El Blogador 😉

  • Mick Fealty

    Thanks guys. I’ll get it in first: it’s the taking part that counts, not the winning! Check out the short list though.

    There’s a few in there that weren’t around when I was compiling Dale’s top twenty Irish pol blogs. We need more pol blogs north and south, and more diversity!

    I was there last year with Mr and Mrs Gonzo. It was good steam. Mostly because you get to put faces to blogs. The swearing lady was there, but I was too busy live blogging to get a chance to meet her. But I did bump into Twenty at the bar.

    I think the €10 is to cover costs.

  • Dewi

    Very best of luck.

  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done it

    Best of luck, can’t be doing with the dreadful term blogging though – sounds like a word for clearing the nasal passages methinks.

    My only criticism of this site is that you should encourage your punters to make suggestions and respond when they do. And of course more regular rugby threads and put the quarefellah from Wales (Dewi) as ‘thread starter’ or whatever it’s called.