Dail debating Quinn killing…

The Dail is on Order of Business at the moment, but it is planning to take statements on the killing of Paul Quinn immediately afterwards. The debate will continue until 12.30 at the latest. You can pick up a high quailty feed from the debate here.

  • perci

    Brian Lenihan on his feet now!

  • me_me

    There are just a hand full of TDs in house. How ignorant!

  • perci

    I understand there are north/south bodies having meetings today; but it is sad to see so few.

    Further its to be noted that the SF minister’s statement is up on the SF website.


    I find it appalling that SF are still prepared to speculate on the possibel criminality of paul quinn; with no evidence whatsoever, with the full knowlege that paul quinn had no criminal record.

    Also that the SF minister showed no moral courage in any shape or form in recognising the intimidation and threats that go on in that area.

    Weasel words of condemnation; reminding me of Christ’s words to the hypocrites:

    ” You honour me with your lips, but your hearts are far from me ” Mathew 15:8

  • BonarLaw

    never mind the Dail, this debate needs to take place within the DUP and the SDLP. Is the organisation that murdered Mr Quinn sitting around the Executive table at Stormont, if so what do those parties propose doing about that affront to the democratic process?

  • joe reid

    The Sinn Fein T.D. for Monaghan attended and spoke at the Paul Quinn support meeting in Castleblaney on 9th January. He made a serious play on the night that he was warmly received on that evening by the parents of Paul Quinn.The Quinn family are decent people and I believe have thanked and welcomed everyone that has come to their assistance or to listen to their story.On the night , my thoughts were simply why did it take over 2 months for this T.D.to make contact with the Quinn family.The murder took place in his area and Paul Quinn’s mother is a native of County Monaghan.Sinn Fein have no genuine interest in helping to solve this crime but they are concerned with self preservation in the communities of South Armagh. Sinn Fein in Drogheda refused to display a Paul Quinn campaign poster in their office- the poster calls for real justice.Typical of Sinn Fein- hyprocricy,lies and double standards.

  • Ian


    “Further its to be noted that the SF minister’s statement is up on the SF website.”

    Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin’s not a minister (much as he’d like to have been after the last Dail election), just a TD.

    “I find it appalling that SF are still prepared to speculate on the possible criminality of paul quinn;”

    However, you could read that aspect of Ó Caoláin’s statement as a mild rebuke of his party colleague Conor Murphy’s recent insinuations.

  • Mark

    This is becoming a tragic joke – we all know ehat happened. it must be heartbreaking for the Quinn family. my heart goes out to them.

  • BonarLaw-

    The Quinn family have said that they have no desire to cause problems for the Executive and Assembly- all they want is justice for their son. However, the ongoing attitude of Conor Murphy must surely raise questions. He says he spoke to the IRA, and on their word, exonerated every member of that organisation. Who exactly did he speak to? After all, he claims to support law and order, yet would seem to turn a blind eye to people who he knows are part of an illegal organisation. Apart from that, what gives him the right to clear the name of any paramilitary organisation- given their previous claims of innocence with regard to the murder of Frank Kerr and Gerry McCabe, any IRA denials of involvement are about as believeble as the idea that Gerry Adams ran the civil rights movement. If Murphy had any decency he’d withdraw his comments and support the Quinn family. It seems Sinn Féin don’t like their friends being accused of criminality, but are happy to dish out such claims against others when it suits them.

    The issue of Paul Quinn’s murder is scheduled for debate in the Assembly on 19th February. It will be interesting to see what the DUP and Sinn Féin say and whether they support Dominic Bradley’s motion.

  • New Yorker


    “This is becoming a tragic joke” – I totally agree with you. It is well over three months since the murder and, as you also say, many know what happened. Ó Caoláin and Conor Murphy probably know who is responsible, why don’t they take a more active role than mouthing hollow words? Because they think they will get away with a cover-up, in my opinion. There needs to be an impetus to get them to take an active role and the politicians, North and South, could bring that about: But will they? As Bonar Law correctly points out the DUP and SDLP, except for Dominic Bradley, are mute and complicit in gross violation of human rights and democratic principles.

  • Green Fool

    Has anyone seen the front page story in the Northern Standard – blows apart the ongoing attempts of the SDLP and their dissident republican friends to mislead the investigation by constantly poitning it IN THE WRONG DIRECTION.

  • joeCanuck

    I doubt that many of us subscribe to that particular publication, Green Fool. Care to enlighten us?

  • Comrade Stalin

    never mind the Dail, this debate needs to take place within the DUP and the SDLP. Is the organisation that murdered Mr Quinn sitting around the Executive table at Stormont, if so what do those parties propose doing about that affront to the democratic process?

    Yes indeed, BonarLaw. What should the party which sanitized Sinn Fein, and the party which went to meet Billy Wright in jail, do about it ?

  • BonarLaw

    Comrade Stalin

    the DUP should do exactly what they would ask the UUP to do if they were the lead unionist party. Perhaps less chuckling would be a start.

  • lib2016

    Instead of denouncing everyone else surely it would be more helpful to your cause to take your evidence to the proper authorities? Oh! You don’t have any evidence…….!

  • againstthehead

    aye lib, but we all know who does have evidence!

  • lib2016

    No – we know who has the knowledge and who has had the decency to denounce and distance themselves from the suspected perpetrators. The authorities have claimed that they too know the names of the people concerned and that they are not currently part of the IRA. There’s a constant stream of people with republican connections going to prison, no-one ever thought that dis-banding the IRA was going to be easy but compared to other post-revolutionary societies we’re doing well.

    As fast as these people surface and their activities in organised crime are revealed they are driven out of Sinn Fein, if they have ever been part of it. The IRA has been stood down and without bringing them back and resorting to illegal action what more can Sinn Fein do?

    Sinn Fein represents the republican population and there are republican saints and republican sinners. No one denies that.

  • joe reid

    The Shinners, sensitive souls that they are,make believe that they are the victims following the brutal execution of Paul Quinn. Fingers are been pointed from within the South Armagh community at individuals that claim to be republicans and who are alleged to be involved in Paul Quinn’s death. Time for Sinn Fein to stop playing games. As Stephen Quinn said yesterday, if Conor Murphy can tell the world with authority who did not kill Paul Quinn, then perhaps he can tell us who did kill Paul.

  • Red Diesel

    Lib 2016 that is a load of diversionary bollocks. The authorities have claimed no such thing, try reading them before you spin them, the Guards are not as stupid as you seem to think. Your evidence ploy is a complete red herring. There never is evidence in such cases that a particular organisation carried out the crime. There is no evidence that the Provos did La Mon, Bloody Friday or the Birmingham Bombings, there is just informed judgement, and the informed judgement of Orde and IMC is absolutely clear. The authorities are not only investigating both former and current Provos and their families, because that is not even the point here. Even if no one in the shed was still on active service, the killers had at the very least access to the command structure up to Brigade level, to the experience and forensic expertise. There is no way a few hangers-on in the Cullyhanna unit could mobilise three unknown vehicles plus a fully trained clean-up squad. People a long way from Cullyhanna are in the frame, and they are absolutely active in the mainstream, both military and political. In the McCartney case all the people who were expelled for not co-operating with the police are all back in again. who has had the decency to denounce and distance themselves from the suspected perpetrators? Not Conor Murphy or Gerry Adams, they launched into fairy stories about highly organised, forensically aware diesel smugglers and then spread poison about Paul. There is no distance at all between them and the suspected perpertrators, they are in fact inextricably linked and that is precisely why they have been dong a snow job that you are helping them with. What more can Sinn Fein do? Withdraw the criminality slur against the victim of this crime; go to the police and hand in the names of the local Provo leaders from whom they got ‘solid assurances of non-involvement and let the detectives assess the value of them; and say very explicitly that no matter who murdered Paul – even if they were current or former Provos – their neighbours and former comrades should shop them to the Guards. There, that wasn’t so difficult was it?

  • I no nothing


    Don’t be so sure – a lot of people who actually live in South Armagh can’t understand why you have got so close to a well known dissident family with a fairly large interest in Red Diesel – as you call yourself – and there are many people who think that there might be a reason that you keep going on and on about it being republicans when, for example, it could just as easily be a well organised dissident republican family heavily involved in fuel smuggling.

  • perci

    Nice try , but you do know nothing.
    What would a well organised dissident republican family heavily involved in fuel smuggling be doing beating to death a young penniless man with no family connections to any paramilitaries; and no influence in the lucrative trade.
    Are you the friday funny-man?
    April 1st is a long way off yet.

  • good grief

    2 things – we are not a post-revolutionary society. What revolution ? What was the major political or societal change which happen.

    I’ll help. None

    Next, I am a small r republican, slowly converted across many years. Neither SF nor the IRA in their most recent guide has ever stood for me. SF/IRA do not represent the sum total of republicanism, indeed across the island they represent a violent minority.

    I’m guessing that slurs from the mouth of a sock puppet will be roundly ignored. You do yourself no favours with your snide anonymity.

  • I no nothing


    This is the tragedy – he was a penniless; but as the family have already said, he did drive the diesel.

    And they still killed him.

    Also the police in the south have now said that the clean-up of the barn was not ‘forensic’ and that evidence was gathered from it. So maybe we can start to expect a couple of raids – possibly on dissidents in South Armagh – and even then maybe some arrests. Then the endless attempt at trying to divert attention away from the real culprits can end. Buy and then will some people have some explaining to do.

  • lib2016

    I no nothing,

    I was sure that I’d seen a report that the clean-up was not ‘forensic’ but hadn’t time to check. Thank-you for confirming it. Makes a bit of a dent in ‘Red Diesel’s’ claims of inside knowledge though. As henry used to point out about the NI Bank Robbery it was even claimed in the case of the Northern Bank robbery that the ‘proof’ of IRA involvement was that there was no proof. 😉

    In any event at any one time during the Troubles the IRA had so many ‘teams’ in South Armagh that half the population had some kind of training. A couple of weekends away and they were ready from what I’ve been told.

    good grief
    The British Army have admitted that they were fought to a stalemate in what will inevitably come to be known as the Second Irish War of Independence. In the first War of Independence the majority of the Irish nation won a political route to freedom though they never defeated the British in pitched battle. In the Second War of Independence the rest of us followed, though I never supported the physical force campaign and still believe that much of that victory is due to Hume’s networking in Washington and Brussels.

    One may differ from an opponent but to pretend that one’s political opponent, whether republican or unionist, doesn’t have valid reasons for his ideas would be to lose the run of oneself.