“Frank Gehry, good luck to him!”

With sport dealt with.. time for a civilising interlude. The New Yorker’s new poetry editor Paul Muldoon proves a crisp and lively, entertaining and illuminating interviewee in this New Yorker podcast – direct link to mp3 file here. The self-declared member of the school against schools talks about the state of poetry, reading, writing and editing, his lectures on The End of The Poem, and structures that just work. There’s also time in the 17 minutes for the rudimentary rhythm guitar player to consider songs that are age-appropriate.. The Stones get a mention at that point..

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  • perci

    Not sure what this has to do with the Derry March, but I guess its too crptic for me.
    Was Frank Gehry at the Rally ???

  • Pete Baker

    And on the podcast itself..

  • susan

    Finally got a moment to listen to this! Thank you, Pete, he’s a real pleasure to listen to. I’ve tried to remember to check out the New YOrker — or at least the New Yorker site — weekly since Paul Muldoon took over, and it’s always worth the effort. Last week there was a poem by a Billy Collins called “The Future” I was quite struck by, and this week looks just as promising.

  • Pete Baker

    Cheers, susan.

    He certainly sounds like he’s having fun.