Northern Ireland’s political doublespeak…

IN the wake of Arlene Foster’s ‘minded’ statement to approve another party member’s planning application (although it’s a ‘mind’ she changed), Claire Simpson has been exploring some of Northern Ireland’s political doublespeak. I didn’t realise Hugh Orde coined ‘fit for purpose’, although, let me be clear (Gerry Adams/ Danny Kennedy) that – in the round (Mo Mowlam?) – the reality is (Martin McGuinness?) there are probably a few others that are far more meaningless – though Slugger arguably has developed its own tired phraseology [Ahem, indeed – Ed]. Even the once-funny ‘Chuckle Brothers’ monicker is more likely to raise weary eyes to the heavens than a laugh. Are there any other political phrases you, like Ian Paisley Jr, might ‘know of’? If so are you minded to add to the translations below the fold?’In the round’ – I’ve listened to everyone else’s view, and decided I was right all along.

‘The reality is…’ – Here’s my own narrow view.

‘Historic event’ – An everyday occurrence in Northern Ireland.

‘I know of him’ – He’s my best mate.

‘Let me be clear…’ – I’m about to do a u-turn, while arguing that this was my position the whole time.