Hearts and Minds on Dromore and interview with the DFM

Hearts and Minds tonight have the first lengthy interview with the Deputy First Minister. He doesn’t take too kindly to the question of where is Gerry? Taking the Folks on the Hill too seriously perhaps? And why Dromore, County Down is making its mark in the political map.

  • ulsterfan

    Martin does not want to say or do anything that might cause Paisley any difficulties. With political opponents like this who needs friends?
    He came across as pro status quo happily working the British link and missed a great opportunity when Noel Thompson asked if he believed there would be a UI by 2016.
    He ignored this completely and was not too positive about the prospects of UI. More interested in the process wherever that may lead and not sure of the destination
    Some Republicans might think this was too pro British!!!!

  • DC

    Where’s Wally?

  • bogota

    Ulsterfan trying to work out how republicans and nationalists think. Totally incorrect but progress.

  • An Lochlannach

    Can’t watch the interview. “Only available in the UK” Bah humbug.

  • ulsterfan


    Have Republicans given up on a 32 County Socialist State with the removal of all British influence and power from Ireland or is this the language of yesteryear.
    What is the present day thinking?

  • Mick Fealty

    Changed DV…

  • Mick Fealty

    Hopefully we can get the YouTube video for AL asap…


    For the first time ever, watching him it strikes me that Martin McGuinness is getting old.

  • lib2016


    A lot depends on McGuinness and Adams delivering stability before they retire. We’re nearly there but the Peace Process isn’t assured of success just yet. It would take only one atrocity linked to a rogue British Army outfit and the last thirty years could look like a teaparty.

    Delaying the implementation of the GFA all these years was a very highrisk policy and there’s still considerable doubt as to whether the DUP will be able to hold up its end of the bargain. Once another generation of republicans comes of age can anyone guarantee whats going to happen?

    No sensible person wants real instability here but it could happen in just the same way as things suddenly escalated in August 1969. The current Assembly with all its faults is the last best hope we have.

  • Peter

    Barnstorming display by Marty. I don’t think anyone is in any doubt that it’s him running the show on the hill.

  • Bigger Picture

    On the subject of Dromore,

    Now before I start I know I have a vested interest in seeing the DUP do well but saying that I was suprised with the quality of the interview that the TUV’s Keith Harbinson gave. I thought it was weak and wishy washy. He said the DUP had moved too far, too soon and that the Unionist electorate were disillusioned with that. He then went to state that it would be their job to talk and reach out to those people and help bring them forward!?

    Now I have never stood for an election but KH seems to be saying that the DUP went too soon we’ll get there as well some day, but in the meantime we’re going to sit back and enter the big party on the hill when we are comfortable in doing so. In fact he sounded more like a support group than a politician from an opposition party.

    To be honest it didn’t really strike me as being any new departure from the DUP and the UUP and maybe just highlighted to me that any third unionist party is going to find it very difficult to find a natural constituency of electors in this small country. I had no idea apart from we hate the DUP what Keith Harbinson stands for.

  • roland rat

    Couldn’t agree more Bigger Picture,

    If that is the kind of performance Keith Harbinson puts up, it is little wonder Jim Allister does all the talking for him – and thats saying something.

    Mr Harbinson seemed to support what the DUP have said along – that Allister was always a ‘when, not if’ politician regarding devolution with the Shinners.

    The DUP must be laughing up their sleeves at Harbinsons faux pas, and no doubt Jim will do all the talking from now on.

  • ulidian

    Bigger picture,

    obviously you watched a different interview than i did! Perhaps hearts and minds was different in your universe! typical Dup hiding their heads in the sand hoping everything will just pass them by!

    Unfortunately things didnt pass you by in kinallin did they? lmao

  • Barnstorming display by Marty. I don’t think anyone is in any doubt that it’s him running the show on the hill.

    Unless you’d seen the barnstorming display by Peter in the Assembly on Tuesday. Marty is the most credible front man for Chucklevision but Peter the Punt is pulling the strings.

    He said the DUP had moved too far, too soon and that the Unionist electorate were disillusioned with that. He then went to state that it would be their job to talk and reach out to those people and help bring them forward!?

    Yes, this also struck me as bizarre. Is he running as an anti-system politician or a social worker for recalciteant loyalists?

    The polcy of the TUV seems to be “sitting in government with unrepentant terrorists is disgraceful because we’re not really used to the idea yet; but we will in time.” It’s not really very, you know, opposed to the system. Even if TUV manage to develop a bigger base than the 2.1% anti-agreement Unionism managed in the Assembly elections, they’re not really going to upset anything. Maybe their attitude is essentially the same as Paisley’s, i.e. “I am opposed to a deal with fenians unless I’m in charge.”

  • Bigger Picture


    Perhaps you would like to explain Keith Harbinson’s comments then?? I am quite open to debating the matter with you. However in order to do so, in future, you need to come back with something more substantive unlike your last post stating that I have merely put my head in the sand. So by stating what I think your response should now be a counter argument stating what you believe is the TUV’s aim in this election based on Keith Harbinson’s interview on H+M.

  • Interested Public

    I am an interested bystander in all that is going on, and have watched and read with interest some of the comments being posted, though I do however admit to knowing Mr Harbinson, having went to school with him.

    I spoke to Keith at length about where he sees the future for the province, and believe me he has much more to say than Hearts and Minds gave him credit for. He advises me that his interview lasted some 20 mins with Julia Paul and was subsequently cut by what is to my mind the state media to that 30 secs of what he himself admits is a point that every unionist voter in the country is already aware of.

    You cannot really judge the man or his party on those 30 secs, can you??

  • Dromore Voter

    Interested Public – You think the TUV were badly done by!

    Political history was nearly made in Dromore last Thursday night. Unreliable rumour had it that Lagan Valley Association PR had succeeded in persuading Sir Reg to re launch the new whiter than white UUP on prime time TV, with a totally open, all on the table, nothing under the table, interview by Noel Thompson, of Lagan Valley UUP darling Carol Black – and, from the very streets of wee Dromore. As the thrill of it swept the town, the other six candidates gathered in the Bridge Bar to decide what to do – after taking a vote over whose mobile phone to use, they rang the Equality Commission and demanded that the BBC give them equal time. The Battle at The Bridge was a resounding success when the BBC caved in before LVA PR could find a bus to the Women’s Human Rights Commission, in far away Belfast.

    With Hearts and Minds on lips all day, 7.30pm saw the streets of wee Dromore empty. Battle lines had been drawn. Was the whiter than white UUP come back campaign going to win the day – or, one of the six brave souls gathered again in the Bridge Bar for a little tipple, as they comforted each other in front of the big TV.

    The battle started badly for the UUP. Martin put on a magnificently open and frank fifteen minute performance – D U P Paul and S F Dessie leaned across the bar and embraced, with now customary inter party delight.

    But the battle was not over. Up stepped the come Black kid, with hair suitably matched to the whiter than white theme of the UUP re launch campaign. What was she going to say that would prove once and for all that the UUP was going to set a new standard for NI politics – would she reveal all? Would the performance be enough to bring tears of joy to the eyes of every brave man in the UUP and sweep the party to victory in Dromore…………and then the World?

    True to the Party’s word she was ready to tell the good people of Dromore everything –
    I am a woman………and I have three children to prove it
    I breathe………in Dromore………and am talking to you to prove it
    But before she could utter the words –
    I am not a legitimate UUP candidate ………and the Lagan Valley Association can prove it
    – she ran out of her allotted forty seconds and did not have time to reveal all to the good people of Dromore. What a shame…………and the party so determined to make a(nother) new beginning. But, it was not the fault of the UUP that the rules of the TV game stood in the way – they always respect the rules!

    LVA PR has a lot to learn from the Green Party. Competing candidate Helen Corry gave birth to her baby at election time, to prove that she is a woman. That is what you call real PR management.

  • Interested Public

    lol, very good Dromore voter

  • Dromore Voter

    Reliable reports from Dromore suggest that there may be a major shift in UUP election campaign tactics.

    A very large banner was unfurled PM Tuesday, high on one of the largest buildings in The Square. The slogan is “Vote UUP – For All of Us”. However, and significantly –

    No Black photograph
    No Black name
    No Black propaganda

    Looks a bit like ‘the writing on the wall’ for the Black pretender – is the Party distancing itself from an embarrassing liability?

    But, we may yet have a ‘come Black kid’ campaign. If rumours of a Black hat being passed around recently, are anything to go by, she may have gathered up enough pennies to continue as an independent. Perhaps she has also Corry(ed) up to the Green candidate, and got a few tips on how to look like a beautiful young 24 year old campaigning woman! Hardly enough time to produce the baby though.

    Footnote – pity the “For All of Us” did not apply to all members of the Dromore Branch of the Party during the selection process.

  • Suchard

    Hot off the press-it is alleged that UUP Dromore battle HQ have a new masterplan. Carol Black is currently joining the UUP. Remember she was not allowed to vote at the selection meeting. This is a major blow for the DUP’s Geoffrey Donaldson of recent Kinallen fame as it is believed she voted for him at the last general election, when her mentor and promoter entered the political arena.

  • Bigger Picture

    Interested Public

    Very good that you know Keith Harbinson,I have met the fella myself as well and i said from the outset that he was a very credible candidate. Unfortunatley the sob story really doesn’t cut it though. If Keith Harbinson had have said anything that was new to the public I am sure it would have been widely broadcast. After all this ‘state media’ you talk about have never been friendly to Unionists in general never mind the DUP! I don’t think the BBC would have shyed away from a dig at the DUP if they had the chance. While on that subject spotlight last night anyone??

    At the end of the day if that was what they took from a 20 minute interview then he must have some either completely mad ideas or really nothing new at all. Maybe H+M spared his blushes??

    Anyway nice of you to try and protect him but he is a big boy, politics is not for the nice at heart and i am sure he will learn that in his own good time.

  • Paul P

    I watched spotlight, surprised there isn’t a post about it on slugger by now. The lingering impression I had was that Jim Allister is a very bitter wee man with no charm and charisma to be the kind of leader to take on those he now seems to despise.

  • [i]Posted by Dromore Voter on Feb 04, 2008 @ 03:49 PM[/i]

    Nice to see Stephen Warke is still with us supporting his party tirelessly.

  • Suchard

    Stephen Warke is not in my opinion commenting on the Dromore byelection issue it is The Drop of a Hat faction which is a lot bigger than Michael Shilliday thinks.Here’s a challenge Michael ensure a level playing field at the LVA. annual general meeting for which you are responsible as an executive member and a constituency officer i.e the membership secretary and you or others close to you might have to eat their own hats.

  • Dromore Voter

    Rumour has it, that the TUVPR machine has today captured the symbolically significant 17th Century Dromore Castle. Though rather out of date, decrepit and tumbled down, they are convinced that, with a bit help from B&Q;and some well aimed s(h)elling over heads ducking down in the DUP outpost in Church Street, they will be able to defeat the enemies of Ulster from wee Dromore. Cavalier Harbinson has already been seen up on the ramparts surveying his domain. He is even said to be considering capturing the 12th Century Norman Motte and Bailey on the outskirts of town, overlooking reluctant UUP troops mustering in The Square. Nothing like having your roots deep in the Ulster soil.

    At such a time as this, Cavalier Harbinson is delighted to have under cover supporters ‘fighting the good fight’ in the nearby garrison town of Banbridge, and the brave General Jim doing battle in far away Europe, for the poverty stricken farmers manning fortress Ballyward, Gransha and Quilly.

    It is no coincidence that the Jolly Jesters day nursery is just next door to the Castle. The handsome young cavalier produced 50 babies in one morning – the Dromore Leader photographer could not believe his eyes, and the Green and Black girls are beside themselves with envy.

    Across Castle Street is Boyles Bar & Restaurant, which the owner has re-furbished just in time for the big day next week. He has promised troops in the Castle that he will keep them well supplied with drums of bitter Orange Juice.

    Who said 1690 was ancient history? No surrender!

  • Dromore Voter

    Pounder “Nice to see Stephen Warke is still with us supporting his party tirelessly.”

    I wish I was even just twice his age, had his good looks and half his energy. Oh, and a health report from my doctor and sight of my false teeth in a glass beside my bed might convince you otherwise.

    Thanks for the complement anyhow – did not realise I had his writing skills either!

    You are pounding on the wrong door my child!

  • Heyho

    Dromore Voter/ Stephen Warke

    Are you still working for George Savage, or have you been fired from that too?

  • Suchard

    There are rumours circulating that Michael Shilliday has been kidnapped by the UUP establishment for fear of him inciting the local righteously indignant Dromore branch membership.Who feel they were already disenfranchised in the selection process.Apparently since Carol joined the party well into this year the local constituency membership secretary has now to use his second hand to tally up to six ,of which of the obviously five then members two were not given the requisite notice of the this patently outside the rules gathering of the chosen clan,doubtless the room was near black in the near Transylvanian Bitter Lemon Brewery and thus the remaning were nudged into following the voting directions given by a well known glove puppet-this meeting was further influenced by a statue normally resident in Carlyle Circus, Belfast just outside the world’s biggest Bitter Lemon Brewery clearly has no validity according to the rules and previous custom within the UUP

  • Heyho

    Once again Wanke strikes. Does he not realise everything he says will continue to count as evidence in his upcoming disciplinary action?

  • Suchard

    Heyho Wanke and Disciplinary Action.

    If you do this too often I was told at my prep school that I would go prematurely blind. This was obviously the matron’s ploy to cut down on the weekly laundry. I.E. the bottom sheet was sent to the wash and the top sheet moved to the bottom .This was wartime austerity in practice and we were also informed by Winston Spencer Churchill that careless talk costs lives. Your attitude to Stephen Warke in this matter worries me. Even if you had a modicum of wit you would have realised that these remarks have been placed on this site by a fairly aged well tried and battle scarred political warhorse.

    Stephen, like the respectful chap he is, has I think been curbed, he has refrained from commenting.

    Your obviously, probably inherited genetically, belief in the constant use of the threat of disciplinary action also reminds me of my wartime childhood. There was an other offensive little bombast from Austria called Schickelgruber, he was also violently anti hunting and smoking, however in the end he discovered the rest of us would not recognise his discipline and he shuffled off this mortal coil. You now know where to put your immature threats.

  • darth rumsfeld

    would now be a good time to dig out grizzled ex-Stranglers lead singer Hugh Cornwell’s catchy song “Black Hair Black Eyes Black Suit”?

    … in which the eponymous Black is a harbinger of doom, with the catchy refrain
    “another strike, another plague
    another mad dog held at bay
    It comes as no surprise when I hear all the victims say
    Black hair;black eyes; black suit”

    I’ll get me safety pinned cost