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Dave thinks police should have expanded search powers and less paperwork to tackle crime but Sinn Fein is expressing concern about existing arrangements.

  • kensei

    Less paperwork is good. Speeding up the process of arrest is also good; in New York during the 90’s they converted buses into mobile police stations and got the time down to under an hour, IRC. Technology could play a role there.

    But “expanded powers” means ever more power in the hands of the state, and ever more potential for abuse. Snooping is the latest example:

    For fly tipping?

  • heck

    civil liberties?

    we don’t need no stikin liberties

  • Damian O’Loan

    Removing the need for a “seven-minute” form would conveniently remove the ability to track and profile who is on the receiving end of stop and search powers. In turn this would allow government to claim that a particular ethnicity of a particular age group and sex was responsible for a disproportionate amount of crime. Even if policing practices were designed to provide that outcome, this is a way to lose one part the paper trail that would prove so.

    Not convinced that this would help society, though any consequences would, I imagine, be greater in England than in NI.

    Now that Sinn Fein have accepted British involvement in Ireland, perhaps they could move as far as helping to block particularly damaging legislation at Westminster – at least in the field of Justice & Policing until its eventual transfer? From its point of view, I’d imagine it would increase the government’s support for a speedy handover.

  • aquifer

    The Dutch police had separate people to do the paperwork so that the street cops were not put off arresting people.

    And why use paper when video is a lot more accurate?

    It would also reduce a lot of ‘creative’ pleading and help the more disgusting drunks recall correctly what they did that night, and how witty they were not.

  • Mark McGregor

    So the debate starts ayear ago on stopping those scary terrorists and drip, drip, drips to stopping that scary paperwork. Erosion is right.

  • aquifer

    Must justice move at the typing speed of large men using one finger on each hand?

  • joeCanuck

    You mean it’s possible to use a finger on each hand?
    Must try that.