Opposition does exist, apparently..

Three wise monkeysInterestingly, it looks as if the BBC’s Mark Devenport might have been caught futuring somewhat in his earlier report on the longest day in the Assembly to date – the debate on the Programme for Government – although strictly speaking he may be correct that “‘opposition within’ [the Executive] at Stormont has receded.” [Adds That report has now been updated to remove the futuring]. But subsequent reports say that, although it was passed by a margin of 60-24 votes, the SDLP MLAs, with the exception of the the Executive’s Social Development minister, Margaret Ritchie, voted with the Alliance Party against the PfG. And now further reports speculate that the party intends to vote against the Budget tomorrow. Where now for those “problem parties”? And, via Mark in the comments zone, Alliance Party says – time to go.. Update On his blog, Mark Devenport acknowledges he “spoke too soon” – “So the civil war continues.”There’s one other point to note in Mark Devenport’s article [Adds Not in the updated text, which removed the futuring noted earlier]

Sinn Fein’s Martina Anderson criticised the media for hankering after “the false paradigm” of a “real opposition”, arguing this was not the only way democracy could work.

She claimed a government truly in touch with the people could deliver real democracy.

It sounded a bit like “democratic centralism”, but then she has recently returned from Venezuela.

Ah, yes.. the media, again.. next thing you know they’ll be asking “stupid questions..”

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