Alister: DUP change of ‘mind’ is ‘politics at play’

Jim Allister’s been quick to get a statement out on Minister Foster’s statement on the Causeway:

“The abandonment by Minister Foster of her foolish support for the Sweeney project at the Causeway is welcome. Her volte face demonstrates that public opposition and distaste for what was going on has won through. The timing in the run up to the Dromore by-election suggests that politics is still at play, as the DUP seeks to undo some of the damage caused by the antics of Ian junior.
What the Minister has not adequately explained is how she got herself into this mess, given what she ought to have known the integration requirements of planning policy and about the parameters and requirements set by UNESCO.”

Of course, having a TUV candidate in that same election, Allister has his own interest in that by election too. But of course, there is that awkward question of the committee’s Section 44 request to see the all the documentation around the Minister’s previous more positive position.