The Truth Commissioner…

Don’t panic. It’s only a work of fiction. It’s BBC Radio Four’s Book at Bedtime next week. Monday to Friday at 10.45 pm… H/T Abdul!

Following the South African model, a Truth Commissioner is appointed to the new Northern Ireland. He starts bravely but quickly uncovers some inconvenient truths about those now running the country.

  • perci

    “We must become the change we want to see in our world” Mahatma Ghandi

  • Rapunsel

    Think this is the current book at bedtime, happened to hear one of the episode4s last week abnd was gripped by it , got a superb review on the Radio 4 culture pogramme on saturday evening so I plan to give it a go on the basis that a work of fiction might allow for better and more honest exploration of the issues than the methods employed here so far

  • “Monday 21 – Friday 1 February

    The Truth Commissioner

    By David Park.”