The nuclear-powered archipelago?

UTV report that the Assembly’s Enterprise, Trade and Investment Committee have agreed to examine the possibility of building a nuclear power station in Northern Ireland. Bring on the nuclear NIMBYs!From the UTV report

Alan McFarland (UUP, North Down) admitted nuclear power was a controversial issue but said it was one that had to be examined.

Mr McFarland added that renewable energy may not necessarily be the answer.

A DETI inquiry in 2002 rejected nuclear power as a potential option in Northern Ireland.

The British government has given the go-ahead for a number of new nuclear plants in Great Britain.

However in 2006, then Secretary of State Peter Hain said there were no plans to build a station here.

Sean Neeson (Alliance, East Antrim) said changes in the global energy market meant the issue now had to be revisited.