Let’s have some serious joy in this…

Interesting piece in the Stornaway Gazette in which the Rev David Robertson is reported as saying:

The definition of a Calvinist as being a person who ‘is miserable at the thought that someone somewhere is actually enjoying themselves’ is sadly all too typical of the popular misperception of the Free Church (and other forms of Reformed Christianity) in Scotland today.”

He’s primarily concerned about the perceptions, and makes a call at the end:

Let Kirk sessions and congregations pray, think and act in order to deal with the sin of joyless worship. This is not a plea for frivolity, flippancy or entertainment ‘fun’ worship. God forbid. But please can we have some serious joy?”


  • DC

    Christian ‘freedom’ seems to come across to many of us sinners as really having nothing left to lose.

    Calvinists are associated with Presbyterianism, the Alliance leadership consists of practising Presbyerians perhaps that ‘cross-community’ camp could tell us whether they are grumpy Calvinists.

  • gaelgannaire

    “The worship was held first of all for ‘the English’. The Word was read, a couple of psalms were sung and the prayers were heartfelt and reverent. But then we switched to ‘the Gaelic’ and the whole place was transformed. As the Gaelic psalms were sung, there was swaying, tears and heartfelt praise”.

    Ah, if only …

  • Davy Robertson certainly lives out his faith, as he retains his joy even though he has gone bald since the halcyon days when I sat in his Dundee congregation.

    He once bravely preached in favour of the death penalty one Sunday night. On the debit side he once prevented an unauthorised meeting of a Black Preceptory taking place in the flat rented out by his church.

  • joeCanuck

    Well I’m an athiest of course but if there were some black Southern Baptists around here singing their joy in their faith I would go along occasionally for that joy and fun.