Immeal Geal anocht…

Seo rud nua do Tuaisceart Éireann, clár teilifíse ar BBC darbh ainm Imeall Geall. Ag tosú anocht ag a deich a chlog ar BBC2. Dar leis an bolscaireacht a bhaineann leis, beidh sé:

Irreverent, relevant and passionate; Imeall Geal (Bright Edge ) is brand new in alternative late-night chat and entertainment! It will be fronted by two of Ulster’s brightest new presenting stars, Tomaí Ó Conghaile, (BBC Radio Ulster’s Blas) and Gráinne McElwain (Budding TG4 talent) . They will steer an energetic and lively mix of interviewees, music and audience chat with sharp humour and insight.

  • gaelgannaire

    Shil me fein go rabh se ar doigh.

  • The Beach Tree

    Adh mór orthu.

  • Ní fhaca mé é – ach beidh mé ag faire amach don athchraoladh.

    Ar ndoigh ní miste a lua nach ndeinfí an clár seo – a craoladh ar an BBC, an craoltóir seirbhís poiblí úd – ach go bhfuair sé maoiniú 60% ó Chiste Craoltóíreacht na Gaeilge.

    Agus, tuigfidh daoine má deirim seo nach bhfuilim ag iarraidh baint de loinnir an chláir, ní bheidh an dara sraith ann mura n-athraíonn Edwin Poots a aigne agus an bagairt do mhaoiniú an Chiste ó mhí na Marta 2009 a chur ar ceal.

    Is é sin D-Day don Chiste.

    Ní miste a rá freisin go bhfuil cuid den locht ar Shinn Féin as ucht an dochar atá déanta don chiste. Lig SF don DUP glacadh leis an Roinn Chultúir agus an uair amháin ar tharla sé, bhí an madra rua i dteach na gcearc. Agus nior chaill sé am ar bith agus é ag baint na putóga ón nGaeilge. Ar dtúis Acht na Gaeilge, diultaithe, agus anois Ciste Craoltoireacht na Gaeilge, faoi bhagairt an bháis ar ‘death row’.

    Lá maith oibre in éadan na Gaeilge a bhí ansin Sinn Féin.

    Maith sibh!

  • Oiliféar

    Caic! Níl aon BBC agam san teach atáim i mo chonaí anois. Ar fhaca aoinne é?

    A hOilibhéar, alt spéisiúil. Go raibh maith agat. Tigim, cibé uimhir uaire a tugainn Poots cuairt ar cluiche GAA, ní féidir an cultúr a chur faoi chúram Shinn Féin nó na DUP. Ní dheanainn siad ach cluiche dí.

  • lib2016

    Having scarcely a word of Irish despite getting a narrow pass at O Level in the long ago it’s truly amazing how much comes back when watching TG 4. Even more amazing is the positive feeling about the language which has replaced my old resentment at compulsory Irish.

    There’s nothing to beat passion and enthusiasm. It would be great to see the steady growth of the language continue.

    Somehow NI unionists have to build a pride in themselves and where they come from. Just maybe this is one avenue towards them doing so.

  • Lib 2016 agus OIliféar,

    B’fhiú dibh aird a thabhairt ar an scéal i Lá Nua, an Irish Times agus an Irish News, faoi grupaí eitneacha i mBéal Feirste bheith ag tabhairt tacaiocht d’fheachtas POBAL, Tá don Ghaeilge. Is fiú go mór é.

    It would be worth your while to check out the front page story and picture in Lá Nua today, as well as coverage in the Irish Times and the Irish News, in which minority ethnic groups in Belfast are lending their support to the Irish language umbrella organisation POBAL as it launches a campaign – Abair Tá don Ghaeilge – Say Yes For Irish. \

    check out

  • “talamh imeallach = marginal land”

    Perhaps ‘Imeall Geal’ is an unfortunate label. It implies something that is glossy but shallow?

  • Not at all Nevin – Imeal Gheal means bright edge in English. Edge in this sense implies something that has much greater depth…..and all you’re seeing is the bright edge. A bit like the tip of the iceberg…

  • OC, there appear to be variations in spelling the label in this thread!!

    I checked out the meanings here and a sense of great depth IMO doesn’t feature.

    imeall trágha – foreshore.

    Let’s hope your iceberg motif isn’t a bad omen!!

  • An raibh an clár go maith inné?

  • OC, perhaps IG will be more about foreplay than foreshore as the ‘new’ Daniel O’Donnell takes to the box:

    “Good looking with an easy, self effacing charm, Eoghan will leave the cailiní on Imeall Geal swooning.”

  • RG Cuan

    Bhí Imeall Geal maith, ag súil leis an chuid eile den tsraith.

    Nevin, Bright Edge is the name and that’s indeed what it is, bright, edgy and energetic.

    Ba cheart go mbeadh tuilleadh den chineál seo chláir ar fáil as Gaeilge.

  • Séamas

    Ní fhaca mé ach an píosa deireanach de ach mheas mé go raibh sé go hiontach. An-hip agus ‘ag tarlú’!

    Agus tá an suíomh idirlín sin snatsa chomh maith.

  • RGC, should they not have chosen a better Irish word than one which indicates shallowness?

  • RG Cuan


    No matter what way you look at it, the word ‘imeall’ does not equate ‘shallowness’ – ask any Irish speaker.

    Aontaím leat faoi suíomh a Shéamais. Maith iad.

  • RGC, the Irish language dictionary is just fine.

    ‘Applauding on cue’ seems a tad shallow; it’s hardly ‘pushing the envelope’.

  • Gee Nevin! A shallow TV programme, whatever next? I didn’t see Imeall Gheal, but I’m glad that it’s not deep and meaningful tv as there’s a sufficiency of deep and meaningful material in the Irish language as it is. So hooray for shallowness!

    By the way, you seem to have been snagged on this issue of the name. Imeall Gheal conveys a great deal of meaning – but only the pedant would get snagged on one of these to the exclusion of others. Bright and Edgy would be what most Irish speakers would pick up from the name and from the context – and the context is something that doesn’t often get included in dictionary meanings.

  • Séamas

    Unfortunately there seems to be another motive behind Nevin’s cynical posts. It appears he’s nit-picking because it’s in Irish Gaelic.

    Dála an scéil, chuala mé go bhfuil an seó á thaifeadadh ar an Iúr – tá sé sin iontach, cad chuige?

  • Cuairteoir

    Táim tar éis breathnú ar roinnt píosaí ar an suíomh sin, iontach ar fad!

    N’fheadar cén fath nach bhfuil a leithéid ar TG4!?

  • OC, what’s so ‘edgy’ about applauding on cue? It reminds me of the efforts of a conductor in a classical concert who tried to bring a dead audience to life by ‘conducting’ applause. I hope the final result was a bit more impressive than the dodgy title and the apparently tedious recording.

    Placenames interest me a lot and many of them are in Irish and Scottish Gaelic, Séamas. Surely lovers of these and other languages needn’t be so thin skinned!!

  • Dewi

    Welsh debate – Some discussion here still about Daily paper (apologies for digression) – this ain’t negative but just concentrated thinking about effective resource allocation. Fantastic that “Y Cymro” and “Golwg” sell more in Wales than the Independent.
    I’m a sponsor of Y Byd but welcome a debate – maybe all resource should be chucked at on-line stuff – would welcome any observations.

  • Dewi

    libel – Even farther off the topic but what on earth is a Welsh bloke in his mid to late 20s, with short dark spiked hair, two piercings in his ear and one in his mouth, doing biting people’s ears off in East Belfast ?

  • “you seem to have been snagged on this issue of the name”

    I was ‘hooked’ on the variant spellings, OC, decided to investigate and then got my shins kicked!!

    Would you like to become the King of the Snaggers? Do you appreciate the importance of a good snag? 😉

  • RG Cuan


    Hope all goes well for Y Byd. Lá Nua, our daily paper, covered the report last week and also did an editorial on it.


    You didn’t even see the show then? There’s no point in passing remarks until you’ve tuned in.


    Tá an ceart agat, ní féidir liom smaointiú ar mórán cláracha eile atá dírithe ar an aosghrúpa seo.

  • RGC, I didn’t to see the show in order to make the comments I made!!

  • Gréagóir O’ Frainclín