Hearts and Minds: Junior and the succession…

The Hearts and Minds video seems to have improved in quality since moving to its new iPlayer site, but I don’t think last night’s programme is up to date yet. But we have this YouTube clip of an interesting confrontation between Basil McCrea and Jeffrey Donaldson, in which the latter does a nice job of smoke screening his own party’s difficulties by picking a fight with the former over the price David Trimble extracted on behalf of John Gorman, and Reg Empey: ie knighthoods Jeffrey’s line: “Ian Paisley was looking for things that were constituency matters, David Trimble was looking for personal favours”.

Most interesting is what Donaldson says in response to a question about the ‘succession’, evidently a hot topic amongst his fellow MPs, but according to himself not a matter that will be settled by parliamentarians like himself. An unprompted reference to the straw poll in the Irish Times yesterday?

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