Peter Hain’s ongoing trials…

I suggested on Monday at Brassneck that Peter Hain was (as we like to say in Northern Ireland about any politician who looks like he hasn’t enjoyed breakfast) toast. I may still be proved wrong in that call, but with the PM calling his Work and Pension Minister’s ‘stumble’ over donations to his Deputy Leadership campaign a matter of incompetence, he hasn’t made future tenure in the Westminser Cabinet any easier for the would be ‘big game hunter’.


  • willowfield

    Apostrophe needed in the title … unless there is a minister called Peter Hains.

  • joeCanuck

    It’s not exactly news that Mick is sorely lacking in the spelling and punctuation departments.

    Still, we love him.

  • willowfield

    We do indeed, Joe, but I like to keep him on his toes.