“this is a very historic, rooted in history dispute..”

There would appear to be a simple solution to the apparent refusal of some members of the public to cross over the Foyle to attend the Consultative Group on the Past’s public meeting tomorrow tonight at St Columb’s Park House Reconciliation and Conference Centre, as the Group considers the latest proposals being publicly aired for their benefit.. Hold one meeting in Londonderry and another in Derry.. If ever there was a *shakes head* moment it’s now.From the BBC report

Denis Bradley, the Co-Chairman of the Consultative Group on the Past, said the important thing is that people benefit from the meetings.

“This is not a nationalist/unionist dispute, this is a very historic, rooted in history dispute which we need to find our way through,” he said.

“And we are finding our way through it, we are getting our way out of it, it is getting better. The great experience of doing this consultation is the amount of healing that’s actually happening.”