Separate but equal, or double devolution?

Just a short addendum to Pete’s last post on civil society and the Executive’s dropping of the Shared Future objective. Whereas the DUP has previously claimed it was driving the agenda on substantive legislative change at Stormont, this one can probably be chalked up to Sinn Fein’s long term emphasis on Equality, or separate but equal agenda as identified by Pam Tilson in the run up to last year’s election. It remains to be seen what practical effects such a shift in guidelines will have in the longer term, but it may help steady nerves amongst some grass roots activists.

  • GavBelfast

    AKA Power Dividing, not REAL Power Sharing.

    It’s storing-up more problems down the line, if not next year, then maybe the year or decade after that.

  • aquifer

    What IS DUP policy now, make SF look reasonable to the Brits, or repartition?