NI MPs fail to register assistant’s interests…

Whilst our former Secretary of State for Wales, etc has not got his troubles to seek, our own MPs may have. It seems that despite a regulation that requires MPs assistants to register their interests, very few have. Ian Paisley Senior and Sylvia Hermon’s assistants have been registered (one is a Researcher for the “Imperial Society of Knights Bachelor”).

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  • The Raven

    This is but isn’t conjoined to the topic, but I am pretty disgusted at the lack of advertising for these nepotistic jobs.

    About time some of the elected representatives put their money where their mouth is, and advertise these “assistant” posts.

    (ok, if I am wrong on this, and in my rush to get the Friday Tele, I have missed 100-odd adverts for assistants, I retract the above unequivocally.)

  • DC

    Or those that do advertise pick those who they know of already.

  • Danny O’Connor

    no need to apologise.
    But that is NI politics-People just dont trust each other.