Beyond copyright to private censorship…

Here’s a thing. Owen Gallagher, a postgraduate student and the man behind total recut, recently had three of his remix videos removed from YouTube and his account suspend after protests by BBC Worldwide after allegations of copyright infringement. One of them, the remix of Bertie’s Ard Fheis speech (above) with the BBC’s Dragon’s Den. The BBC has since asked YouTube to reinstate the clip. More informed detail at Damian’s.

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  • ‘Mash-ups, it would appear, are not covered by copyright protection…’

    Many mash-ups fall under an exception to copyright law known as ‘Fair Use’ in the U.S. or ‘Fair Dealing’ elsewhere. These exceptions are constantly being revised as new technologies and markets emerge.

    Check out the recent report on User generated content and copyright law by the Center for Social Media, entitled ‘Recut, Reframe, Recycle.’

  • Was a counternotice filed? Presumably this is a DMCA takedown?