“The gardai need the public’s help if they are to succeed..”

The Quinn Support Group held another public meeting last night, this time in Castleblayney, Co. Monaghan, close to where Paul Quinn was killed. A report from last night notes that

Scores of people from the region attended the meeting in Castleblayney, Co Monaghan, where gardai also handed out leaflets appealing to the community for help in bringing the killers to justice.

And the BBC report, and this Belfast Telegraph report, reference requests for information on a white van. Meanwhile the Irish News reported today that the family plan to meet with “party political leaders from Northern Ireland and the Republic in the near future” – except Gerry Adams.

“The family hopes to hold a meeting with political leaders on both sides of the border but Gerry Adams won’t be invited unless Sinn Fein retracts it statements that Paul Quinn was involved in criminality”

That’s probably why Sinn Féin Councillor Terry Hearty put out this statement calling on the Quinn family “to re-consider their position and meet with [Sinn Féin] party leader Gerry Adams”… as others in similar circumstances did..

But in that statement he claims that Gerry Adams wrote to the family “almost two months ago” and that in the letter

He [Adams] also assured the Quinn family that he had at no time said anything that should be construed as labelling Paul Quinn a criminal.

Except.. we already have Gerry Adams’ statement from the 22 October, less than 48 hours after Paul Quinn was killed.

[Gerry Adams on 22 October] “I do not believe that there was any republican involvement in this murder.

“This murder is in our view linked to fuel smuggling involving criminals.”

One more time then, “It’s far better people tell the truth on the thing..”

Of course, that requires some clarity of vision..

And, as has been mentioned in connection to another recent event – “Justice is the glue that holds society together.”

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  • good man that slab boyo

    Maybe the good republican who has a talent for making money could pay for some posters for the campaign to find young Quinns butchers killers murderers.After all it would be the neibhourly thing to do.Oh wait no it was his neibhours that butchered him murdered him killed him well at least he was spared the chisel in the eye trick.

  • Turgon

    The behaviour of SF here is frighteningly stereotyped; it is as if it is being performed off a preset script, which I suspect it may be. The Penguin has flawlessly documented this strategy and I will simply quote his piece.

    “Republicans are employing the same tactics as against the McCartneys.

    They first spend a bit of time quietly destroying the reputation of the deceased.

    Then they wait with heads down until the initial outcry subsides a bit, and the heat goes out of the situation a little, before beginning to cast aspersions on those trying to help the family get justice.

    They start sowing confusion and doubt by questioning the motivation of the support people, while all the time condeming the murder, calling for justice and publicly offering sympathy to the family.
    In that way the bereaved are gradually painted as innocent dupes whose loss is being exploited for political ends, and SF are presented as the victims of a smear campaign.
    When the family twigs on to what is happening and starts getting a little uppity they then become willing dupes poisoned by hatred, so eventually SF become the real victims of it all.

    In this instance, SF can rely on the tacit support of the two Aherns, the DUP, the SoS, and the political establishment in general, who are all fearful of the implications of full disclosure. The deafening silence of the PSNI and the Garda gives the lie to policing being above political interference.”

    We can now add to the above the fact that yet more lies are being told by SF about what Adams said. We also have the offer of a meeting with the family, a carbon copy of what happened with the McCartneys. Presumably this meeting would have publicity and SF would try to use it to imply that the family are now happy with their (SFs) behaviour and are “on side”. In some appaling way it could even be used as a means of demonstarting how devolution of policing and justice powers would be a good idea. Something along the lines of devolution of these powers would allow SF to more fully help bring the perpetrators of this crime to justice.

    Of course if the family refuse to be manipulated by SF or refuse to be manipulated enough for SF’s liking we will get more lies and spin about the family being dupes poisoned by hatred.

    My fear is that this story is going to run out of steam and will whilst not being forgotten; become old news and no longer relevant in our “moving forward”. The murder of Mr. Quinn would then join the enormous list of murders which in reality no longer matter. What I find most appaling of all is that the DUP, despite what they say seem to have no real interest in this and appear to just wish it would go away.

  • Twinbrook

    hopefully the guards and the State gave the same resources and *media exposure* to solve the present drug wars being fought on the streets of Dublin, Limerick and Cork!

  • New Yorker

    This is a very serious matter. It is almost three months since the murder. The Gardai need to produce results. The usual excuses will not wash. They know what they have to do to get the results, it rests totally with them. There were at least 20 involved, two eye-witnesses, several cars, etc., more than enough for a good police force to crack the case.

  • Slieve Gullion

    The Castleblayney meeting was very different from Crossmaglen or Cullyhanna. Caoimhghin O Caolain actually got a good reception – until he attempted to defend Conor Murphy, when the mood turned instantly. There was the usual Provo hard men presence but they just listened – perhaps the strong Garda presence softened their cough. But the committee made very clear their attitude to Sinn Fein. They are not opposed to SF (indeed, most are thought to be SF voters) but they reject what SF spokespersons have said about Paul and his murder. they specifically said they want the support of SF who represent the majority in the area.

    The SF position has a direct negative impact on the investigation. What is needed to create a climate in which people will come forward? Conor Murphy needs to say he got it wrong, that there are indications of Provo involvement but people should in any case come forward with information. That’s pretty much what he should have done in the first place, but instead he took us all down the blind alley of criminality and forensically aware diesel smugglers. the media seem to be ignoring the fairly obvious conclusion that his support for policing can’t mean much if it excludes the whole Provisional IRA from the rule of law. this Minister of the Crown has by his own admission consulted with IRA leaders, potential suspects in a murder investigation, and received ‘very solid assurances that it wasn’t us guv. he is now out of step with the two governments, the two police services and the IMC on this crime. he is starting to look like a very specific obstacle to the devolution of policing and justice.

  • joe reid

    All the Sinn Fein members that spoke in Castleblaney sang of the same hymm sheet- change the direction of the campaign which is presently causing serious difficulties to them.They spoke of a growing divide in the South Armagh community – this is new for Sinn Fein, they no longer control meetings and local people are not as afraid of them as in the past.An election is on the way and Conor’s seat must be protected. Keep this campaign for truth and justice for Paul Quinn alive and growing.