Murphy sent for trial in Special Criminal Court

Confirmation today that, as requested, Thomas Murphy, the “good republican” previously named as both the UK’s richest smuggler and a former Provisional IRA Chief of Staff, is to be tried in the Republic of Ireland’s Special Criminal Court on charges of “failing to furnish a return of his income, profits or gains or the sources of his income, profits or gains to the Collector General or the Inspector of Taxes for the tax years from 1996/97 to 2004.” The RTÉ report notes that his application for free legal aid was rejected.. for now.. From the Irish Times report

Mr Murphy was sent forward for trial on the same bail terms as set at an earlier date but with the additional condition that he should not directly or indirectly make contact with witnesses. Judge Flann Brennan sent Mr Murphy forward to the current sittings of the Special Criminal Court.

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  • JACM

    Long runs the fox!

  • Are royalties still payable for use of the Al Capone ploy? (© US Treasury Dept, 1931)

  • joeCanuck

    I pay my taxes and would like to know that my neighbours pay theirs too.

  • Wonder if the first couple of years on this sectarian indictment. 96,97,98, would come under the Good Friday agreement amnesty ??

    If there are allegations against the Murphy family, Thomas in partiqular, dated after May 2007, then it is only right to proceed.

    To drag up allegations from the war torn past is nothing more than a Rancid, sectarian, vindictive prosecution, that deserves to be thrown in the bin forthwith !!

    Slab, get your legal eagles to order the likes of Tony Blair, Bertie Ahern, David Reddaway, Gordon Kerr, Curly bonce Jonathon Powell and all the security spooks who not only turned a blind eye, but positively encouraged the South Armagh brigade to use their skills in a business fashion, why even clearing the path so as to prevent the Devil finding work for idle hands.

    Why it was Curly bonce Jonathon Powell who said:

    “The Brit govt would rather see IRA soldiers pull out a carton of smuggled cigarettes from their holdall, rather than an AK47”

    “Furthermore, what harm can a few “Micks” do smuggling a few fags and fuel?”

    The fact these so-called Micks turned it into a billion dollar empire is beside the point.

    The point is the Irish and Brit govt’s both santioned every move made in South Armagh, and to now turn around and bit the hand that provided the foundation to the current peace process is a shamful act and will hopefully be highlighted during the trial.

    Senior Irish legal minds will have a field day dismantling this nasty, rancid, sectarian, vindictive prosecution layer by layer.

    As we all know this historical indictment is in direct response to the Quinn murder.

  • Good Grief

    “…So! Will the persecution of real republicans never end? Adams and Paisley could not beat him in the field so they are reduced to this…”

    Allow me to refer you to the original text as below:

    “ be tried in the Republic of Ireland’s Special Criminal Court”

    F**k all squared to do with Adams & Paisley and everything to do with the democratically elected government of the Republic of Ireland not allowing criminals to profit from criminal enterprise while the rest of us pay tax.

  • Good Grief

    Entertaining rant Mr Art Hostage, but what relevance has any of this to the British government? They aren’t looking for either a penny or a euro cent from the man.

    Tell me, how is it sectarian ? Have the courts of the RoI been overrun with non-Catholics without any of us noticing ? Perhaps you mean sectarian in a taxpayer vs. non-taxpayer sorta way ?


  • Twinbrook

    A special court for non-payment of taxes!!! What next, litter louts hung drawn and quartered…

    Is it true Michael McDowell is the judge..

  • George

    the Special Criminal Court has been around since 1939 and re-appeared in 1972.

    If McDowell had his way, a lot more people would have been standing before it, not least Dublin’s criminal underworld.

    After all, according to the Constitution special courts are allowed in situations where “the ordinary courts are inadequate to secure the effective administration of justice”.

    The question is not whether the issue of non-payment of taxes should go before this court but whether justice in this case could have been administered effictively in an ordinary court.

    Personally, I think this is the forerunner for bringing the finest from Dublin and Limerick’s ganglands through the door.

    After all, the same argument about the safety of witnesses is being put forward.

    The Slab could well be a pawn in one big judicial chess game.

  • i agree

    I agrre with Art Hostage Senior Irish legal minds will have a field day dismantling this nasty, rancid, sectarian, vindictive little bastard murphy.

  • Rory

    I suspect that it is the example that Thomas Murphy set in dedicating his life and considerable talents to a cause unconnected with his own self-aggrandisment, without thought of personal reward, that rankles with those behind his prosecution.

    Good grief! if the citizenry followed his example then good men might rise to the fore and there would be no honour for real thieves.

  • Good Grief


    I’ve no doubt the man possesses considerable talents, that he lamentably chose to employ these developing an murderous sectarian terrorist organisation supported by the minority of people on this island and latterly existing to line the pockets of those now ‘stood down’ is in my opinion a dreadful shame.

    That said i’d be equally as happy to see that chancer Bono forced to pay taxes also but alas international tax laws are not on my side.

  • Rory

    Not quite a meeting of minds then between you and I, Good Grief. But, on the matter of Bono (and others) at least I suspect we are brothers under the skin.

  • Aidan

    Those charges seem most apposite… for Bertie Ahern. We might not be the most corrupt nation in Europe but we’re the least complaining. Could you imagine the Brits letting their Prime Minister stay in office while he explained that his friends gave him bundles of cash when he was finance minister? Slab (apparently it’s actually Slob) looks like an amateur – at least on financial grounds.

  • Anyone for a celebratory pork chop?

  • willis

    This thread is beyond irony! I actually thought you were joking Rory. Is no-one capable of non-ironic outrage anymore?

  • Rory

    “…non-ironic outrage”, Wills?

    I didn’t know there was a diffrent kind of outrage. What is “ironic outrage” then? Is it a bit like “decaffinated coffee” ?

  • Rory

    Apologies, Willis for my carelessness in leaving the “i” from your name above.

    Here it is now: “i”. And here’s another one for free: “i”.

    An “i” for an “i” – that’s what I always say.