Irish News opens up to the virtual world!!

It’s been a long confinement, but at last the Irish News appears to be celebrating a new design by throwing caution to the wind and dumping the subscription fee!! Welcome back to the commons guys!!

  • joeCanuck

    Are you sure they just haven’t temporarily screwed up, Mick?
    Today’s site is still displaying on line subscription rates, including daily rate, although I was able to access articles..

  • Mick Fealty

    We must wait and see…

  • Only Asking

    well I paid a years subscription, so am I entitled to a refund?

  • DC

    The Irish News is a good read perhaps good enough to remain on subscriptions, especially considering all the wealthy nationalists in desk-bound NI public sector jobs.

    Such readers have both spare money and time too 🙂

  • Harry Flashman

    Good news, and in a further sign of the changing times, the Wall Street Journal does the same;

    WSJ Online

    Now if only the old lady of D’Olier Street or wherever she is now would hoist up her petticoats and climb aboard this new paradigm I could save 75 euros a year.

  • RG Cuan

    Pretty good site though the Letters should be up too.

    Great to see An tEolas on the menu!