Rich harvest for most visionary party?

Interesting piece on the Business Post site which outlines the current state of play in Northern Irish politics. Interestingly it suggests that UUP at last seems to have found a role for itself in a newly aggressive role of in house critic of the bigger parties. It has also been involved in a degree of re-engagement with grass roots activists, and lopping off some of the dead wood it has accrued over the years. It is less sanguine about the SDLP. However it notes that there could be big prizes on offer:

With a growing economy and a self-confidence obvious to anyone who takes the time to watch BBC Northern Ireland or UTV, there is a rich harvest for the party that articulates a vision of ‘where to next?’. When you take the time to think about it, that’s not a lot different to the political situation in the rest of the island.

And not dissimilar to the situation in the rest of the archipelago!